Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Cucaracha

Yet again my shitty white trash infested filled alliance
proves how much they suck without their only Messican pulling all the weight. Chingadamadre!!! of our 'elite' (lol) old farts in this shitty alliance lost a shitty fit Vindi. Aun no puedo comprender como este hijo de puta cree que sabe jugar a este juego si el pendejo ni sabe limpiarse el culo (Translation: Hot Tubes is awesome....not really). Seeing as how this ship was considered being able to 'Tank God'. I think it did fairly well against this lone Drake. I mean come on...its a drake. No one can expect to come up to one and live.

Im still a bit confused as to why Im not asked to be apart of engagements any more seeing
as how I alwayz take control of the situation, kill everything on the field and have none of my inferior white trash comrades killed....Then I remind myself that they are just jealous of my good looks, money and skills and continue with my business.

Not only does the vindi loss further prove that all the alliance members suck at this game but it goes to show how much needed I am and how much better I am than all of them. ALL OF THEM..!!!

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