Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not a Very Good Week for 3XXXD

For fuck's sake...

The past week has not been kind to General Tso's band of assholes. The fail-cascade starts with the loss of one of our faction Battleships, Salid's Bhaalgorn.

But this was only the tip of the penis-shaped iceberg in our assholes, which would otherwise be welcome had it not been freezing. We had to have segments of our rectum removed because of frostbite and instructed to take it easy on the blunt anal trauma over the next coming weeks.

We didn't heed this warning, though...  We then experimented with a couple black ops jump bridges to nearby lowsecs, one was met with marginal failure, and the other was catastrophic, in that we killed nothing at all. Wonderful.

And then we had a tremendous show of failed efforts from Terazuk. We've mentioned vaguely in the past that he is terrible at this game, but he managed to shatter expectations, in a downward direction. He has always been one of the assholes that refuses to get with the program in past wars, insisting on fighting wherever he wants in whatever he wants, despite overall strategy and is never successful. During our T1 swarm wars, he'll bring out T2 fit, rigged cruisers and lose them (on his own) in fights that he wouldn't have won anyway, and excuses this with the nonsensical statement:

"I like bacon sandwiches."

It makes absolutely no sense and just goes as a testament to his level of wit (none) and the legitimacy he holds with his stubbornness. He is the best target of all blame for most of our lost wars, especially when we manage to make extremely high value kills with large amount of forward momentum, he always insists in failing so hard by himself that he drags down the stats of the entire Alliance single-handedly.

While we weren't part of any war this week, he provided so much evidence to defend this statement that it can forever be linked to whenever he tries to claim he is actually a decent PvP'er and his style of game-play is superior in same fashion to excuse his idiotic decisions.

We also had a significant amount of T2 and faction Frigate losses.

Yea... but wait! There's more!

To cap it all off, at a WHOPPING 5.2 BILLION, Hot Tubes in his glorious Vindicator that had the ability to tank God. At least it sparked a new meme:

"I think I might lose this."

The upside of everything, though, is the ironic timing for our new Killboard banner:

So much for the T1....

In completely unrelated news in a shameless plug, watch Kill-Tac 9's newest music video. It is about nerdrage during Diablo II, and features alcoholism, stop-motion, a bear, bestiality, and guest screams from your's truly.