Saturday, January 7, 2012

Polls are Open

For fuck's sake...

With the addition of engine trails, new "miss" graphics for turrets, and the epic nebulae, we were in dire need of an updated Killboard Banner. We broke out the T1 frigates, Rectanus busted out a snipe Apoc, and we approached over and over under the red beams, with myself hitting prntscrn over and over. I selected the best 10, ensuring they all had the following criteria:
  • Seyllin I is in the shot. Its been our home for several years now, before Apocrypha made it famous.
  • As many Frigs as possible are in the frame.
  • The Apoc is guns blazing.
  • It doesn't look like shit.
Also, we are choosing from various quotes to attach to the image:
  • The current one, involving "Out Stupid them"
  • "If you are at war with General Tso's Alliance, they have a pile of shit waiting for you." - Gothic Nightmare
  • "A T1 swarm of significantly better than you." - Icas Otame
The last two being recent quotes. That one from Gothic was during the awesome TORAH war from a couple months back that left everything between Seyllin and Villore littered with our wrecks, and the last quote was stolen from a Killboard comment from a Abaddon kill during the Shark campaign.

During the photo taking process, Mary was in his usual form of being a fucking idiot, more on that when our resident ancient language translator, Rectanus, transcribes the event from one of the newly uncovered scrolls. A blog post from him is forthcoming, as will be one with the results of the vote in about a week's time.

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