Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Assault Ship Buff

For fuck's sake...

To start off, I need to reiterate how absolutely God-awful Terazuk is at this game. After being told that he was talked out of throwing his Machariel away to the ArmaGhetton crew, he still managed to lose some more things today.

Those guys must seriously get moist in their assholes when they see Terazuk in local, knowing they'll be mauling him with little to no effort. If I were them I'd see how embarrassing of a loss I could get out of him, like 3 Tristans v. Machariel or something. *hint hint*

There was also small catastrophic fail-gagement yesterday with three shit logistic pilots yesterday, as well, with him being among the shit pilots.

Anyway, I've been in love with the recent Assault Ship buff, and haven't settled on a favorite ship just yet. My shit Alliance has come up with various takes on our old favorite, the Ishkur. They range all across the board, from Microwarpdrive/Railgun fits, dual-rep, plated, etc. I've maintained mostly the same fit as before, traded the active explosive hardener for an EANM, and a passive explosive resistance plating, making use of the added low slot. The only other buff with the ship came in the form of a drone HP bonus:

10% bonus to drone hitpoints per level

Another ship I started looking into was the Vengeance. Having recently topped off Rocket Spec to V, I figured I'd give the Amarr rocket AF a try. Turns out, it has a heinous armor buffer, and can energy neut indefinitely because of its original capacitor recharge bonus. It was granted a rate of fire bonus, making its DPS a little better, plus the utility high slot, making the energy neut a perfect addition.

-5% bonus to Missile Launcher Rate of Fire per level

The Enyo also got an amazingly good bonus, an additional 5% bonus to damage. There are a ton of theories on how to fit this within this fail Alliance, but I settled with giving it a role of a heavy-hitting interceptor. Others are fans of the active tank with an Afterburner, but I prefer a Microwarp/Neutron combination.

10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage per level

But, after doing some EFT-warrioring, I've settled on the previously-second-worst Assault Ship: the Harpy. It was given another low slot, and a shield resistance bonus. Combined with a Null boost, this ship has become far more valuable. It's capable of tossing a good amount of DPS out to 10km, and even more up close, with a beefy shield tank. It's has the same DPS as our typical Ishkur, far more buffer, and its passive shield recharge tank beats the active reps on a single-repped Ishkur. It lacks the damage projection of the drones, same with the damage variability, but it also has a small speed advantage (10m/s). There are lots of different ideas being kicked around, including one with much bigger buffer, and another with more passive resistance.

5% bonus to Shield Resistances per level

Plus it has the sweet Ishukone gold-to-black faded paintjob that looks pimp as fuck up close. And watching those turrets tuck up on the nose going into warp also rules. For the foreseeable future I'll be rocking this bad boy, but with so many buffs, and only going through 1/2 the ships, I could be soon changing my mind.

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