Monday, March 5, 2012

Broken Sec Status Gains

For fuck's sake...

CCP apparently broke the secstatus gain system that me and my shit Alliance have been using to for years now. Instead of every contributor on a rat getting a sec increase, the increase instead goes to one individual, supposedly the one with the "final blow" on it.

After numerous bug reports and filed petitions, CCP has said this is now the intended mechanic, but no further explanation has been added. The biggest problem we all have with this "new" system is the inconsistency with the sec loss mechanic.

As a scenario:
Player A, a noob.
Players B and C, bad bad pirates.

Player A warps to a belt in lowsec, is tackled by both B and C. He does not fire back at either pirate, and loses his ship. BOTH B and C take the "aggression" and "property destruction" sec hits, regardless of who lands the "final blow" on Player A's ship. This also includes the scenario where B shoots once, leaves grid, docks, gets a sammich and C kills A anyway. Both pilots lose full sec.

For those that don't know, if Player A were to shoot back at B or C, that pilot would only take the initial secstatus hit for "aggression" and am allowed to kill the target without further penalty.

But anyway. CCP's bug hunters have said that this "new' mechanic is tied to a bigger aggression overhaul, which is more than likely on its way for the summer "war" expansion. But as for the time being, we are left to rat on our own, playing a single player mini-game in a supposedly "multiplayer" environment.

To me, it seems very much like a "fuck you" to people in lowsec, and a pressure towards null...

On a lighter note, I've hit somewhat of a milestone.

That's right, I lost my anal virginity.


  1. That awesome moment, amikor fészbuk kirak Téged ajánlott barátnak, és a képeid közt megtalálja az ember a bemutatós képet, majd pár órával később gugliba beírva "fuck you" címszó alatt a 4. kép ugyan ez...
    Mellesleg az írásra reagálva: megnyugodtam, hogy más mmo-kban is bizonyos bugokat "new feature"-ként magyaráznak, nem csak amivel én tolom. Komolyan, az összes játékfejlesztő löki el magától a playereket o.O

  2. Its amazing when you read an old blog, and then how and when CCP "Fixed" it.