Sunday, April 1, 2012

AF Roams and Wars.

For fuck's sake...

If you think a new blog was pretty overdue, fuck you.

But anyway, a whole shit ton of stuff happened, and I was too busy with that shit ton of stuff to write.

Fanfest happened. Basically CCP explained that Inferno will be war-themed with a bunch of the Crucible-flavored fixes to improve the everyday life of flying in space. The war system overhaul with pwn, combining a new killmail system that is both better visually, but has all the same value functionality that current 3rd party boards offer.

These mails will be used to track success/failure in wars, and that information will be/can be public, and used in the new Mercenary Marketplace. This is where a corp that is decced can pay for the help of mercs, who will be added to the war on their side. The aggressors can now no longer retract when shit gets heated, so it's risky for both sides. In addition, the surrender mechanic will be overhauled to offer ISK payouts to get out of wars. Plus the cost of the wars themselves will scale with the size of the defending corp, in a method that is pay-for-more-targets. This is cause for some debate, since small corps will be picked off unfairly from this, but then again, I understand CCP's perspective.

Oh, and this happened:

A live bombardment from EvE to Dust514. I spent the weekend cleaning my shorts of feces and jizzum after this.

WARRRRRRRR. We were decced by a group of dudes that wander into Seyllin from time to time attempting to bait us, and in typical EvE fashion, wouldn't engage when the odds moved against them. Thankfully the war was much more epic.The engaged our Custom's Offices in Seyllin, reinforcing them all, killing two, and reinforcing our tower at Planet IX.

We mounted a pretty strong defense earlier in the night, warping to a safespot they had in Mets that was right off grid from the Seyllin gate. It was a great fight, and we emerged victorious. The fighting spilled into Seyllin later that night, where we met their fleet at our Custom's Office, only to be hotdropped by a triage Thanatos. We attempted to counter-hotdrop but the fight escalated once more when a fleet of 15 sniper Tier 3 Battlecruisers from SILENT alliance came in and started pouring heavy DPS on our fleet. (Our 3 carriers that we dropped in all cynoed into the actualy Custom's Office itself and were jetted far out of effective range, which saved 2 but ultimately resulted in a loss of Shawngreenvine's Archon... a fact he is still crying about to this day in his troll fashion. Oh, BTW, Shawngreenvine came back. Sheez, too. And we saw Lord Albannii a week back. Strange stuff.)

But, early on the in war, we took out a High-Grade Slave pod, which kept us in the lead the entire war. That and our typical T1 swarm.
We've started rocking some Assault Ship roams to capture the potential of the newly-buffed ship class. I think the ramp in our Battleclinic rank sort of speaks for itself.

The general strategy is: 
1. Fly AF's, EAF's, 'Ceptors, and Frigates.
2. Get kills.

And so far its been an amazing run, with billions destroyed. Sure, we blobbed a bunch, but in the end, we were AF's against much more beefy targets. Some highlights:

We are decced (for the 100th? time) by THE GOD SQUAD.

Notorious smack-talkers and professional neutral-remote-reppers. We've fought their members in various forms in the past. Since the foundation of the Alliance, pretty much two campaigns show up of just "THE GOD SQUAD,"  but I have a feeling it goes back to pre-Alliance days.

Now, this time, it wasn't actually a merc contract, or because we were killing their friends, but this time it was because of one of our own, Colt45MaltLikka, was talking shit in Dodixie local like a fucking noob. For those unfamiliar, Colt is probably the least qualified of the Alliance to try bragging about his toughness or ability to fight. So, to finally end this shit-talking habit the idiots of my Alliance seem to have, I made this decree. (Enclosed is also a sample of Colt's shit-talking).

So, we'll see what comes of this. Most likely Colt will rage quit the Alliance and we'll have to suicide gank him into oblivion.

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