Friday, April 6, 2012

My AWESOMENESS all over a megas face! and other some such shit

No Shit There I Was

just flying about minding my own business when the fruity one Dark Drifter, asks for anyone who wants to pop a megathron in belt 7. so I dutifully answer the call in my tornado. well the bastard is outside my awesome lock range so with a shift of scripts hes locked up. i proceed to fire and my target disappear. Dark on vent WTF did he self destruct. of course my awesomness i one volleyed him through half his armor and hull. it was an epic blow

on to other news. we are in an epic (epic by epic i mean nonexistant) war. and to my dismay regardless of chasing these assfags or not we are still losing this war. due to this nub dying Kaphine and apparently he stayed around long enough for this to happen.

outside of that plenty of assfaggory has been going on i just can't be bothered to write about it. thats some other fuckwits job.

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