Monday, May 7, 2012

Hulkageddon V Has Begun

For fuck's sake...

Hulkageddon V has begun, and we are off to a pretty good start.

And those are just Caid's kills.

The event was kicked off by a sweet event in Jita hosted by none other than everyone's favorite Alliance, Goonswarm. Much gankage was had by all, and we attempted to participate, but the undock lag, coupled with being -10 on all our gank alts resulted in nothing but dying.

I Fraps'd a ton, and intend to make a video, once RL stress diminishes. Also, this should coincide with more blog posts.

There were attempts to fight back, but they were quickly dealt with, and didn't even scratch the surface of the damage Goons did to Jita.

The Dev's had a cool blog about it, and were even quoted describing the event as "F**king brilliant."

Anyway, Hulkageddon V is now upon us, and we are in the thick of it. It is highly unlikely we'll rank high this year, as it was like pulling teeth last year to get anything done and I pretty much single-handedly carried the Alliance. Since I already have my claim-to-fame for this success, I am stepping back from the event and participating when I can, but not with the same vigor or determination as last year. We will kill a ton of Hulks, of course, but don't anticipating a "win."

And now we travel onward and upward towards the full release of Inferno, with renewed wardec mechanics, Amarr V3 graphics overhaul, rocket hard points, and a rework of Factional Warfare and the inventory system.

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