Wednesday, June 27, 2012

War Mechanics Overhaul... Sort of.

For fuck's sake...

CCP has finally got around to fixing their busted war mechanics, for the most part.

Problems before:Dec Shedding - A Corp that is decced joins an Alliance and immediately leaves. This would allow POS's in hisec to be reinforced only once and by the time they came out, the corp would have lost the war and left it with the Alliance they ditched. Corrected by keeping the wars going. Very awesome, and would have been nice in the past, specifically when BMX did that to use twice. I'm sure there are other shit head corps, I just can't fucking remember their useless asses.

Dec Shielding - CCP said it was "cool" to dec yourself a ton of times with 1-man alt corps to jack up the price of a dec against your. The school (Ivy League) did this a bunch, and once CCP gave a "go ahead" on the mechanic, it just got ridiculous, especially once the wars were all made mutual. This was corrected by ignoring the amount of wars a target corp has, and instead factoring the cost only off of size, which was put at a cap of 500M with Inferno 1.1.

Corp jumping - Douche nozzles would dec large corps with a 1-man corp, wait for about a week to go by and complacency to kick it for the defenders, then scoop a couple guys to gank a mission runner. When the defenders muster a fleet to kick those dude's asses, they jump in station, leave corp, undock and "LOL." Now you are out of the corp until the war is over (I think... can't remember if its 2 weeks or war is over, whichever is sooner)

Low Barrier of Entry - Apparently CCP needs to create ISK sinks, so the lowest fee for a dec is 50M and scales with the size of the defending corp, with a modifier applied from the number of wars the attacker has declared.

New war-tracking mechanic - There's finally a damn way to track success of wars in-game, based off of ISK value (which means we will probably look super awesome and cool, despite that not being anywhere close to true)

An Ally System - Defenders can scoop up friends, woot.

Mutual Wars mean something - You are locked in until someone surrenders, and the defender must declare it mutual within the first 24 hours of the war being declared. Interesting... Before the defender could make it mutual, then regret it, and pull it. Not so much anymore.

A surrender mechanic - Finally a system to offer a cash payout to the attackers, if the attacker accepts, the war ends and can't be started again until a grace period ends... I believe a week, maybe 2. Either way, you can still get decced by another alt corp, and you'll basically just be labelled an ISK pinata.

Problems with the new system, that have since been corrected:
Defenders could stack the living shit out of free allies - Allies could jump on board no questions asked for no money whatsoever. Corrected by making a doubling fee of 20M after the first ally jumps on. This goes to CONCORD, as another ISK sink.

Allies would be stuck with a war indefinitely, as what could have happened with us. Basically, you join an ally (who is probably an alt of the corp that decced them) and then you are stuck in that war for as long as the attacker wants to keep paying. This was fixed to a 2 week limit, then the ally is punted and must re-apply to join the war.

Allies that were in a mutual war were stuck in the same scenario as above. Now the allies get punted as soon as the war goes mutual.

Problems that still exist:

NEUTRAL RR. Seriously, wtf? This is the biggest plague of all hisec wars.

MY FIX: You RR someone in a war, you are kill-able to everyone on grid. Even if the "vaporware" concept of the Crimewatch overhaul doesn't go through, this little piece should.

It is still practically impossible to make money as a "merc." Defenders now must pay a fee, on top of having ample "mercs" willing to fight for free at their side.
MY FIX: The Concord fee should go to the "merc" if the war was a success for the defender. Success meaning the defenders did more ISK damage, or the attackers surrender.

I'm sure there are tons of more problems, but these two need to be addressed first if this mechanic overhaul can be seen as a complete "revamp."

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