Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Incursions Are Trusting Places

For fuck's sake...

I'll never understand why players trust other players in EVE. Like all those that fall for trade window scams, or loot from a can that says "free stuff," or assume that their Hulk won't get suicide ganked in hisec...

Well, another form of idiocy comes from those that do the group PVE events known as Incursions. The Vanguards (the second smallest) are meant to be run with fleets from 6 to 10 ships in size, with 3 logistics. This requires a lot of trust, which can usually be found in decent corporations (or shitty ones like us, but at least there's some honor among the scumbags).

Where the problem stems from are those individuals that don't have Incursion-running corps or skilled members in their corps. They are forced to rely on hopefully joining random fleets, hoping to get their cut of the profits and then hope to be remote-repaired by the logistics when the couple thousand DPS comes pouring in. There is a lot of hope there. And this is what we exploit.

So, this guy, below, was asking for an armor fleet (LFAF). With that fit that he linked.

We did what any awesome corp would do: Invited him to fleet, then warped out of the Incursion as soon as the next wave of enemies spawned... warp scramming the noob and killing him as we lol'd away. I caught his pod on scan on the warp back in, confirming his ship died.

Then he further confirmed it with his reaction in fleet chat:

Salid then tried to recruit the guy, as is customary for our alliance, and he revealed his true butt hurt level, which was clearly around 9002:

I wonder which coalition he speaks of. Could it be Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC)?

No, I'm assuming he means the Coalition of the Willing. Image related?

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