Friday, August 31, 2012

Operation: Decon Vacation Day 1

For fuck's sake...


Yesterday we ERECTED a medium control tower as an outpost for our operations, a nice safe spot after going GCC and also a staging point for our boosting/RR alts.

It's armed... but after all its a medium tower, so it wouldn't take much to take down. We'll see what happens now that we also kicked a hornets nest.


We started the day boringly by sieging the only POCO not owned by the Shadow Cartel alt corp. It was owned by a corp  in the alliance The H0NEYBADGER.

Yea like that. Badass. Except no one showed until wayyyy later and they just basically explained what we already knew about Shadow Cartel owning all the other POCOs. The chap was pretty cool about it all, though. We'll more than likely just kill their POCO regardless. It comes out of reinforced midnight (EST) Saturday night.


Anyway, we killed a Small Caldari Tower and scooped its shit, and we also reinforced one of the Shadow Cartel POCOs, then decided we were too fucking bored to keep doing it, so we went on a highly successful assault frigate roam. All in all, we probably killed 1.5B in ships, but with Battleclinic's new price calculation only taking "destroyed" into account, who the fuck knows anymore.

We ganked one fleet near Parts, with the first Vigilant of the night, killed a Cynabal in a Gallente plex in Fliet, killed two destroyers in Deven, then had an awesome belt fight in Tama, where we killed a second Vigilant and his Deimos buddy. Amazing times.

More on the Decon progress tomorrow... or as close as I can get.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Operation: Decon Vacation Day -2

For fuck's sake...

Since things have been really quiet in Seyllin for the past couple of weeks, we have decided to do something never before thought of in the history of SMERG:



We decided not to stress ourselves too much so we picked the nearby system of Decon and its sister system,  Sharuveil, to attack. Both are 0.4 systems, sandwiched between hisec on either end. Decon has 1 singular station, which is a kick-out station similar to Roden in Seyllin and Dodixie IX Moon 20, so bumping will happen. And we already got a good fight.

Engagement 1:

While staging ships for this weekend's fun, Saggy and I spotted a ton of tech 1 cruisers on d-scan at top belt in Decon. We figured it would be a stomping of sorts, so I warped my blaster Dominix to 0, and had my alt and Saggy wrap around from the sun to warp in on me at 50km in Guardians. The fight started strong, I went GCC, immediately face-raping a Thorax, and before I knew it 3 Blackbirds were on grid jamming the living shit out of me. This was in addition to the several wings of EC drones that would intermittently jam me. I tried damping a Blackbird whenever I became unjammed, and used Bashar's compliment of Hornet EC's to jam a second Blackbird, but it was just too much ECM. One Blackbird died to drones while I was jammed, but they still had enough ewar to basically keep Burseg perma-jammed. 

We kept a cool head for a while, until the fleet actually started developing some form of coherent strategy, first tackling the Logi's with the Assault Frigs (Ishkur and Jaguar) they had join the fight, then by jamming Bashar and pouring their DPS into Saggy. I managed to overclock my alt's ECCM and his RR's to burst-rep Saggy a couple times, but it didn't take too many cycles of jam to finally kill that useless spick. By this point Rectanus and Brusanan finally decided to help (they were 3 jumps away the entire 25 minute fight) and showed up in an Armageddon and Talos, respectively. They raped a few ships, but we ultimately lost the battle with both my alt and Saggy falling to the other fleet.

A campaign has been created for our little adventure into Decon, and the actual "invasion" doesn't begin until Friday night, so we'll see what kind of mischief we can get ourselves into.

How to "fix" ECM:

This engagement further emphasizes the need to nerf ECM. While some would say "buff other ECM isntead," the basic equivalents to accomplish this feat (to bring the others into line) are as follows:

Damps - Make it so you can't lock frigates or beyond 15km PERIOD.
TP - Increase every ship's signature so they can be hit by fighter bombers for full damage, and, fuck it, doomsdays
TD - Slows ROF to 10%, Reload speed to 1minute, tracking to 15%, falloff to 2% (finally a nerf for Minmatar?)
Webs - Stops you dead in your tracks and disables MWD/AB
Scrams - 200 point strength, works on supercaps
Neuts (ewar?) - cause uniform heat damage across the board + 3x effectiveness

My point is, ECM is OVER-powered, its not that the other E-wars over too-underpowered. ECM is chance-based, but when it hits, it completely knocks a ship out of a fight. All you can do is sit and die. I put a change idea on the forums, but I'm sure it'll be locked soon.

To sum it up:
Multispectral jammers disable 1 random hislot on a target ship. Racials do 2. Learning the Signal Dispersion skill will change so it is a multiplier (something like 5x at level 5).

By hislot I mean ANY active hislot. RR, weapons, salvager, smartbomb, neuts (HIC warp disruption field? I think YES). This makes ECM boats focus on DPS ships or Logi ships, and make them really good at this purpose, but do not utterly cripple a ship. They also do not need to focus on other EWAR ships since they can't do jack shit to midslots.

"But Burseg, doesn't this mean you'd have been killed anyway, as your Logi boats would have been disabled with no chance-based shit anyway?"

Yes, asshole, I'm not bringing this up as a tirade because I died, as the forum post shows, I had this idea weeks back and figured this is the best time to put it up. And also, ECCM would be boosted to maintaining slots being online, so ECM boats with proper strength bonuses could have 1 racial jammer with the strength to jam 20 hislots, and a Megathron with 4 ECCMs overclocked might have the effectiveness of 28 hislots or something along those lines, making him a shitty target to attempt to jam.

But anyway, back the war!


We are down for now, but not by much.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together

For fuck's sake...

It's been a month since anyone from my shit Alliance has posted anything, so I might as well capitalize on this lull by posting


My band, Kill-Tac 9, has released their newest album, "A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together."

AVAILABLE FREE for download/listen on our Soundcloud!!!
Lyrics on our GoogleDocs.
Like us on Facebook.
Visit our Website.
Check out tons of videos there, too. Practice demos, skits, Justin Timberwolf, music videos, etc.

And album artwork by Tim Rogalski:

Track breakdown:

A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together:
Metal chants, talks about zombie apocalypse and how the band would cope with such a situation. Hint: it involves beer, women, and questionable powders.

Metal/Rock riff-o-rama. Like a rock band got raped by a metal viking.

I Don't Fit in Your World, and You Don't Fit in That Dress:
Softer, piano involved, generally used to moisten the panties of women. Just don't tell them the title of the song, as true as it is, they don't like hearing that shit.

X-Files homage, complete with choir ending and sound clips from the best FBI show of the 90's-00's.

Yo Girl:
Worst pick-up line ever, some of the best lyrics imaginable.

All the sweetest things in life, are now tainted by your smile.

Vanity Unfair:
About that bitch we all know that would ditch everyone she's known her whole life for a chance in the lime light. (sounds a lot like my Alliance mates, come to think of it).

Self explanatory.

Holy shit that guitar track is amazing. Best dynamics in the album, amazing song to close on.


Well, that's it for the plug. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming INVASION OF DECON. Standby for loss mails.