Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together

For fuck's sake...

It's been a month since anyone from my shit Alliance has posted anything, so I might as well capitalize on this lull by posting


My band, Kill-Tac 9, has released their newest album, "A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together."

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Check out tons of videos there, too. Practice demos, skits, Justin Timberwolf, music videos, etc.

And album artwork by Tim Rogalski:

Track breakdown:

A Band That Slays Together, Stays Together:
Metal chants, talks about zombie apocalypse and how the band would cope with such a situation. Hint: it involves beer, women, and questionable powders.

Metal/Rock riff-o-rama. Like a rock band got raped by a metal viking.

I Don't Fit in Your World, and You Don't Fit in That Dress:
Softer, piano involved, generally used to moisten the panties of women. Just don't tell them the title of the song, as true as it is, they don't like hearing that shit.

X-Files homage, complete with choir ending and sound clips from the best FBI show of the 90's-00's.

Yo Girl:
Worst pick-up line ever, some of the best lyrics imaginable.

All the sweetest things in life, are now tainted by your smile.

Vanity Unfair:
About that bitch we all know that would ditch everyone she's known her whole life for a chance in the lime light. (sounds a lot like my Alliance mates, come to think of it).

Self explanatory.

Holy shit that guitar track is amazing. Best dynamics in the album, amazing song to close on.


Well, that's it for the plug. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming INVASION OF DECON. Standby for loss mails.

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