Friday, August 31, 2012

Operation: Decon Vacation Day 1

For fuck's sake...


Yesterday we ERECTED a medium control tower as an outpost for our operations, a nice safe spot after going GCC and also a staging point for our boosting/RR alts.

It's armed... but after all its a medium tower, so it wouldn't take much to take down. We'll see what happens now that we also kicked a hornets nest.


We started the day boringly by sieging the only POCO not owned by the Shadow Cartel alt corp. It was owned by a corp  in the alliance The H0NEYBADGER.

Yea like that. Badass. Except no one showed until wayyyy later and they just basically explained what we already knew about Shadow Cartel owning all the other POCOs. The chap was pretty cool about it all, though. We'll more than likely just kill their POCO regardless. It comes out of reinforced midnight (EST) Saturday night.


Anyway, we killed a Small Caldari Tower and scooped its shit, and we also reinforced one of the Shadow Cartel POCOs, then decided we were too fucking bored to keep doing it, so we went on a highly successful assault frigate roam. All in all, we probably killed 1.5B in ships, but with Battleclinic's new price calculation only taking "destroyed" into account, who the fuck knows anymore.

We ganked one fleet near Parts, with the first Vigilant of the night, killed a Cynabal in a Gallente plex in Fliet, killed two destroyers in Deven, then had an awesome belt fight in Tama, where we killed a second Vigilant and his Deimos buddy. Amazing times.

More on the Decon progress tomorrow... or as close as I can get.

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