Thursday, September 6, 2012

Operation: Decon Vacation 9/6

For fuck's sake...

I lost track of the days, so go fuck yourself.

Our vacation has been extended, HOORAY!

So, we reinforced every single POCO by day 2, using our measly dread fleet in Sharuveil to reinforce all 7 of the POCO's in about 20 minutes.

This seemed to attract a ton of attention from Shadow Cartel, as predicted.

Their first attempt to hot drop us occurred when we started to reinforce the last of the POCO's a day later at Decon VII. They Titan bridged a menagerie of ships, mostly tech 3's and HACs. We bailed as soon as the cyno was lit, expecting a much larger response. We reshipped, and intended to sacrifice a Battleship fleet anyway, but as we undocked, the Shadow guys landed on station. We attacked, they docked, then undocked, then docked, then undocked.... you get the picture.

In the fray I manged to bump their Zealot of station with my Dominix, but aside from that they didn't really engage. Well, they did smack talk a ton, especially when we got tired of the docking games and sat at our POS. The enemy called us pussies, predictably, and then said they were "waiting at planet I" for us. So, knowing they must have actually got a cyno ship ready in this time, we switched gears, opting for sniper Tornadoes as the fleet composition. They saw this on scan, again called us pussies, cyno'd 2 carriers in and then all logged. We finished reinforcing Decon VII POCO.

During this period we worked out a nice little friendship with the H0NEYBADGER alliance guys, as they seemed similarly fun-spirited as we are, having a good laugh at losses and not too taken by smack. Since they were such good sports about us taking their POCO, we'll prob transfer ownership of a couple of ours when we finally take the system over (or we'll just lose everything when we sufficiently piss of Shadow Cartel... this remains to be seen).

The next day the Cartel got a jump on us, as they seem to be EU time-zoned, and repped up all their Decon POCO's before we even logged in. We then did the only naturally annoying thing and began to shoot whatever we could in Sharuveil. One of their POCO's was off-time from the rest (left in default configuration for exiting reinforced), so we shot every other POCO. They got their carriers in system and managed to snag a couple of our ships in the process. They also then dropped in 4 Moros and 1 Revelation to siege our vacation home (POS). It is currently in reinforced, comes out tomorrow around noon EST, so it probably won't be here when we log in tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see.

We however managed to kill their POCO at Sharuveil III that night, putting up our own. Bringing our POCO control count to 2 between the two systems.

Today we managed to take down the last POCO that was delayed, at Decon VII. They popped a cyno, brought in 2 carriers but the cyno was killed before any additional support fleet was able to get through. The carriers, left standing kind of naked, bailed and we finished murdering the structure, erecting our own. Our POCO count is up to 3. Soon the systems will be ours, and the festivities can commence!

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