Friday, September 21, 2012

Operation: Decon Vacation The End

For fuck's sake...

We had a good run, but like all vacations, it had to end eventually.

Shadow Cartel did kill our tower, and reinforced our POCO's in Decon. They ended up not coming to the final kill of the structures, most likely because of the late time (for them). We didn't quite learn our lesson, and continued our siege.

When we were sieging the Decon I Customs Office, we were again hot dropped, this time by two carriers and their support fleet. We however, had been contacted by Drunk and Disorderly Alliance, who were all too happy to counter-hot drop the Shadow Cartel carriers, with their own fleet of dreads and faction battleships. Since my Alliance is absolutely terrible at EVE, we only managed to tackle one carrier properly, and it died, along with one of Shadow's Rapiers. Needless to say, we finished killing that POCO and erected our own.

Since we ensured that at least one POCO would come out of reinforced every day, we were able to move right on to Decon II the next day, and for whatever reason the same hot-droppers didn't want anything to do with us, so we were on our own... or so we thought. A much larger Shadow Cartel carrier and support blob came through the cyno this time, and we got into ranged ships, and kept shooting the POCO. Strangely, all they had for shield transfer was a Chimera, which did not enter triage, so we were able to out-damage its reps and continue to bleed armor damage on the structure. That's when the strangest thing happened, I don't remember seeing a second cyno light, but 2 Nyx super carriers dropped onto the field, sending the Shadow fleet scattering like sand on a strong wind. After much debate, we assumed that the Nyx's were a standby counter-counter hot drop fleet ready to land on the DnD guys, should they have shown, and they must have been pissed that Shadow didn't provoke the proper response from DnD. Interesting games... We took this time to blow up the POCO, though, so victory for us once again.

We got in a couple skirmishes in Sharu while reinforcing more POCO's, and the fight turned out to be pretty fun, and we managed to kill a Guardian and a Rapier, while Rectanus died in his Oracle, which became a constant for all our ops.

After Salid got a hold of Shadow's CEO, however, we came to an agreement for a cease-fire. Basically we didn't want to siege any more, since it sucked balls and the Shadow guys changed their reinforcement timers to come out at like 11AM EST, which is really shitty for us, and the passive recharge alone would keep us from ever killing them again. And they didn't really want to deal with us, since we are frustrating opponents, so we agreed to stop being dicks in exchange for a favor we've been wanting for over a year now:


So, yea. We've since returned the bulk of our force to our home in Seyllin, had to kick out a few squatters that set up shop while we were gone, and are now ratting up our sec status. We plan on keeping a satellite presence in Decon/Sharu for the time being, and it being only 4 jumps away might give us some black ops bridging practice. Plus those H0NEYBADGER guys are awesome, so we wouldn't mind helping them if they get into a jam.

As far as whether we'll have to give our POCO's back to SC... the offer to buy them back was put on the table, but we'll have to wait and see. Those things can be pretty profitable and should pay for themselves in a month or so, judging by initial estimates, so even if they are forcibly removed, we shouldn't have lost too much.

We now look into the future at the next goal, since our initial turnout in Decon wasn't bad and it was nice to see what we actually capable, I think we might spread our wings into some of the faction warfare territories. That's about a month away, so stay tuned!

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