Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RIP Vile Rat

I want to take a break from the general douchebaggery and meta-shit talking usually prevalent on this blog to honor a fallen EVE player, Vile Rat of Goonswarm. During the compound raids in Benghazi, Libya, several people were killed, including a diplomat of the U.S. and some of his staff. Among them, was Sean Smith, known more commonly in the EVE universe as former CSM member and Goonswarm diplomat, Vile Rat.

Here is a collection of touching articles about this man, from people who knew him:
The Mittani Post
The Mittani Blog
Seleene's Blog
Two Step's Blog

I personally never met nor talked to the man, but I knew of him, and heard many stories, most are recounted in Mittani's blog post. As a general griefing Alliance, I have modeled a lot of Tso's strategies after Goonswarm tactics, even if they don't necessarily follow them anymore. They were my inspiration to join Hulkageddon III, IV, and V, and we won Hulkageddon IV as an Alliance. I was quite surprised that Goonswarm's diplomat was, in fact, a diplomat IRL, but I imagine it would take a great man with great skills to negotiate among the several large power blocs in this game, and where else to learn these skills but real life experience.

The EVE community has a thread going in honor of his memory. Please go there and show your support.

Several outposts are currently being renamed in honor of VR, showing that, as a sandbox, EVE and its community has the ability to erect our own monuments, and we can all come together and overlook squabbles in the digital world to honor the memory of a fallen player.

At last count, there are over 300 outposts renamed in nullsec.

On behalf of General Tso's Alliance, I extend our condolences to Sean 'Vile Rat' Smith's family.

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