Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Step Towards Dust514 Integration

For fuck's sake...

We "won" the war against RvB. Barely.
We are currently in the process of removing towers in Ane.
We scooped a corp into the Alliance (Industry fellows).
I have taken this time to start mining in prep for Retribution (Dec).
And Inferno 1.3 launched today which incorporated Districts (the things Dust bunnies will be fighting over) in FW space, and also the chat integration between the two games that was live on Buckingham for the past month or so. So exciting. Dust 514 is not the BEST FPS I've ever played, but its certainly the most addictive. And its awesomely similar to EVE in its skill names/system and fitting system. Awesome times. Can't wait to bombard my own matches, however.

Oh, and halloween is right around the corner and with a pub crawl this coming weekend and a legit party in Salem next weekend, I probably will be around sparingly during those time frames.

But the cocksuckers in this Alliance have come to expect that I won't be around so... fuck you guys.

Me in costume:

Yes, we know, Bane's mask looks like a sideways Goatse. GFY.

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