Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coalition WTF?

For fuck's sake...

As I've stated in the past, General Tso's doesn't really like coalitions, since it tends to be us carrying all the weight, guarding miners and haulers through Seyllin and Ane. Well, with friends of friends being what they are, the situation has changed... slightly.

JEDI's Alliance, Preatoriani were getting harassed in their usual mining system and us, being the nice fellows that don't mine, offered them to mine in our 0.3 system, Ane. I've seen some pretty pretty efficient mining ops in my day, but these dudes regularly annihilate every single belt in Ane. It's usually done long before I come online, so when I go to rat, it's creepy to see the belts cleared dry, like a safe spot.

Anyway, they made nice with our existing "partner" Remnants of the Forgotten, another industry corp. So they blue'd each other, and we upgrade them from NAP to blue, just for consistency's sake. This is when another alliance, Solar Mechanics, who was running protection for those industry groups started showing up in Seyllin and Ane. We attacked them, they attacked us, so on and so forth. Through ridiculous email chains, I was informed they were friends with PAXR and Remnants, and were actual PVP'ers, so I went ahead, took a quick vent vote and set their Alliance blue as well.

So it appears I've fallen ass-backwards into another coalition. Thankfully the Solar guys are kicking ass in Seyllin and showing us they actually will pull their weight, and that's a relief since a lot of SMERG seems to have slumped into an inactive period again. Also, we have an industry corp in the alliance, if I hadn't mentioned it before, but a few of their members are standing out as good PVP'ers as well, and came on an Assault Frig roam with us.

We'll see how this all turns out, but I'm sure if it explodes, we'll take another 2 year break from coalitions, and be seen as the bad guys... which I actually don't mind.

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