Sunday, December 2, 2012

Basgerin's Robbed of a Carrier Kill

For fuck's sake...

So, we were playing some Dust 514 during their "stress-test" event, and right when I hit an exceptionally laggy game, I decided to call it quits. All-in-all, it wasn't a bad run all day, but that's beside the point. When I turned back to EVE, I saw in our intel channel "Friendly carrier tackled." I looked in local to see several of the now-returned-to-Seyllin Basgerins global criminal. So I assembled a rag-tag fleet of Rectanus, Dark, and Yinandyang, shipped most of us into battleships and warped into the great unknown on the Roden undock.

D-scan reported that they had a couple Loki's, a Brutix, and an Archon. The Archon was parked under the station, repping the hostiles that had Cpt Ghost's (a blue from Sea Hamsters  Archon tackled off station about 50 km. The Domi's (me and Dark) attempted to damp the enemy Archon, but must not have been able to bring his targeting range down low enough, as he continued to rep the enemy fleet. I charged outward with bold, reckless abandon against the tackle fleet, and to my surprised they all began to scatter off of the blue Archon and back to the safety of station dock range. I used my MWD to bump the enemy Brutix away from the Ghost, towards Roden itself. I continuously told Ghost to "stay aligned!" in the intel channel, and as soon as the Brutix was out of disruptor range, Ghost took off.

I then gave the order to warp off, and we all made it but Rectanus, who was now tackled and being similarly bumped off station. I warped back to him, and proceeded to repair his ship and bump, as best I could, his Armageddon back to station. In the end, we lost only a stationary, uncloaked, pretty terribly fit Nemesis, and managed to save both ships that were in danger of dying, against superior forces.

For there being almost no record (through kill mails) that the engagement happened at all, it was one of the best I've had in ages. I look forward to future skirmishes with the Basgerins, at least until they get bored and move on... again... for like the 5th time.

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