Thursday, January 3, 2013



field agent reporting: Dark Drifter
Local Node: NAFOMEH
Sov: Amarr Empire

    Today is a good day for the Empire. We the loyal members of Sardaukar Merc Guild (3XXXD)
went undercover as a Sansha advocate combat fleet and perused suspected Sansha loyalists.
Our most notable combat engagement saw the destruction of one Vindicator Class battleship that was fitted with multiple experimental weapons and defensive systems. unfortunately for the Pilot, (who shall remain un-named) he had not activated his "Sansha Command Relay Processor" (SCRP)
a command processor that is hooked directly in to the PODs hyper-wave communications node that transmits on the same frequency as most Sansha Slave augmentations.

this resulted in the Sansha mistaking him for a hostile and assaulting him in force. only his POD escaped and just over 600million ISK in assets was recovered including:

Core A-Type Armor Explosive Hardener
Core B-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener
Centum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Shadow Serpentis Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

after this reasult we assumed that word would have spread and all Sansha Loyalists would steer clear of our inquisition.


Thesuvioerofwar found our fleet and attempted to disguise his SCRPs signal in order to join us and then assist the Sansha scum in AWOXING us. he did not count on one thing though...
currently all SMERG vessels are equipped with latest in the line Sleeper FOF systems. these FOF systems had been designed by SMERG seers (hippi sciantists) to fool sleeper class drones and confuse thair targeting/tracking systems.

Following is the conversation that ousted this vial scumbag:

  Channel ID:      -36157936
  Channel Name:    Private Chat (alone)
  Listener:        Dark Drifter
  Session started: 2013.01.03 03:31:44
Dark Drifter > yo
Dark Drifter > gonna talk to you here to keep fleet comms clear
Dark Drifter > ok?
Thesurvivorofwar > k
Dark Drifter > cool do you know how to use the smart bomb
Thesurvivorofwar > yes
Dark Drifter > cool position yourself 5-10km off the fleet then
Dark Drifter > you will be the anti frigit platform
Thesurvivorofwar > going now
Dark Drifter > i know this will sound silly but set ur safety to red, this will enable you to set the bomb off
Dark Drifter > when you have done that then set it going, its not gonna use much cap so you will be ok
Dark Drifter > done?
Thesurvivorofwar > yep
Dark Drifter > cool when the drones come within range they will all die
Thesurvivorofwar > dude wtf

>transcript End<


Uppon activation of his Smart-Bomb, the assailant began to assault SMERG assets in space.
CONCORD apprehended him and with assistance from the SMERG fleet, destroyed the assailants
Megathron class Battleship.

All in all it was a good day for the anti-SANSHA coalition of Empires

>News Feed End<

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