Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome DAYZE to General Tso's

For fuck's sake...

A couple days ago General Tso's Alliance scooped the most prevalent corp from Multiplanetary United alliance, DayZero [DAYZE]. They were our chief ally in our last, totally awesome, bounty hunting war, and their members were impressed by our actions to the point that they applied to <3XXXD> in hopes of learning from us. Well, I assume "us" = me, as my alliance is shit.

What was great about them joining (besides bolstering our active numbers) is they also brought with them 3 wardecs. It was brought to my attention that a member corp in Multiplanetary United may have been paying off the griefers that were deccing them, which inevitably leads to a shit ton more deccing, especially by alts of the same griefers. But anyway, I told their CEO to not pay any more ransoms, and he assured me they hadn't, so it's likely it was a different corporation within that alliance.

The reason why multiple corps would dec a carebear alliance are: they were paying out ransoms, losing extremely expensive ships (which is likely), or one of their members is a smacktard (also likely). It will become clear over the next few weeks which one of my suspicions is true, but the leading hypothesis is the ransom one.

Anyway, Sunday night (EST), around 0300 EVE time, I received and accepted the application from DAYZE to Tso's. This would give us 24 hours before the war went live against Tso's, so we prepped some ships, got intel about their active members, and otherwise readied ourselves for more wars. About 1 hour out from the supposed war start, we moved a rather large SMERG and DAYZE fleet down past Hek and planned an elaborate log in trap... which ended up never happening. The 0-hour mark rolled by, then the 30-minute-over mark, and by this time our prime targets (Pendulum of Doom) lost interest in our bait ships from DAYZE and retreated back in the direction of Caldari space. This clearly sucked ass, as the war wasn't live for Tso's, DAYZE was still not in Tso's, and now everyone would have to slow boat their lazy asses back towards Seyllin. Some of us didn't make it... right, Saggy?

We eventually reshipped into slightly more agile stuff (down from BS's to Cruisers/BCs/Tech 3's) and this time just staged 1 jump out from where 2 of the to-be war targets were docked (Renyn), which happened to be 4 jumps from Seyllin. We settled in for another 30 minutes or so when we finally got the good news:

So we sent out our "bait," who all got massacred, so we jumped into system, warped to station and engaged the pair of targets, a Hurricane and a Vigilant. The Hurricane docked so fast, I don't even think he shot anyone, and the Vigilant scurried as far into the station dock radius as humanly possible. This is when the strangest thing happened: we knew a neutral Oneiros was on station, and were prepared to counter it, but when it began repping our war target, it was not flagged as Suspect as the Crimewatch 2.0 dev blog explained would happen. This ended up costing us the kill (at about 70% structure, mind you, so it could be that had Saggy not died in his Dominix to faction police in Minmatar space, the outcome would have been different) and all of our bait ships to boot. The target smacked, as common with 12-16 year olds; and to be honest, I'd rather he use the release of the internet to get his pent up nerd rage out instead of taking it out on his bullies at school with a shotgun.

Like this, but with more Butthurt Dweller.
That and analrapists are expensive. So I'm glad he can get the poison out, and I hope his Dad stops pounding his butt hole. I'd gladly offer mine.

But anyway, 1 whole day into the war, we managed to bait and kill a Megathron and its pod along the Jita pipe, and were en route to other targets deeper in Caldari space when we ran across a couple of their guys in Uedama. So we camped for a while, they played docking games, spent a good hour waiting for their members to become un-AFK and right when we were going to engage their 10-or-so T3/Curse/BC etc gang, we noticed not just the one neutral logi from before, but on short-range directional scan there was1 additional Oneiros and also 2 Guardians! For T1 fit T1 cruisers! I'm sure we would have lost the whole fleet to theirs with just the single neutral RR alt. Talk about overkill!

Well, we did what any reasonable person would do and went and reshipped, to even the odds, but by the time we made the 6 jumps to Seyllin and back they all rage logged. The single dude left in Ikao seemed content playing more station games, and I sure as shit wasn't going to subject my fleet to that ass hattery for another hour so they could bat phone their 4 logi again. So I called it and we logged as well.

So far this war is turning out to be the same typical bullshit war we hate, and coming down off that high from the last war is depressing. I guess we'll just go on some AF roams through lowsec and perhaps hunt one of the other 2 war targets currently decced against us.

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