Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Corp Battles

For fuck's sake...

First two Dust514 corp battles for SMERG were yesterday.

1st: Against L.O.T.U.S (ranked in the top 20 corp in Dust)

We took a 1 million ISK collateral match in Deven for the Caldari State. We got 2 squads assembled, consisting of: BursegSardaukar, darkdrifter law, Rectanus, Himiko in the Ventrilo squad, and zezro, chia pet,  katariss katalyst, and kyle mass on the in-game vox.

I told the second squad to hold point A no matter what, and the harass other points if needed, but their entire purpose would be to ensure we never lost our closest point, to hold  back a failcascade. We managed to hold the C point, while L.O.T.U.S grabbed B. The initial fight against C was rough, the enemy bringing in heavies and shotgun scouts, but we repelled them, having possession of the CRU at that point. We then captured C and held it for the majority of the fight. It traded hands a couple times, but our secondary squad struck back and held their objective and ensured C stayed in our hands as our first squad continued to harass point B. I managed to call in two orbital bombardments, destroying the enemy tanks both times. I also lost a Madrugar tank during the fray, but it was a worthy investment. We were bleeding clones for a good part of the match, and were far behind in the K/D, but we destroyed the enemy MCC by holding the objective.

SMERG Victory - 2 Tactical Hybrid Bombardments (provided by Caid Sardaukar) in Deven.

2nd: Less awesome, against a relatively unknown corp, they were undermanned, we took it easy on them. The match wasn't nearly as impressive, and the contract was only 100k, so it wasn't much to brag about. We also took this contract on behalf of the Caldari State.

SMERG Victory - 1 Tactical Hybrid Bombardment (provided by Caid Sardaukar)

I hope to do these regularly. Because, as you can see, our Dust numbers are getting rather GIRTHY.

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