Sunday, March 24, 2013

Announcing: EVE Online: Odyssey

For fuck's sake...
CCP announced the upcoming summer expansion to EVE Online at PAX East today in Boston. I was awesome enough to be attendance.
I'll try to remember to attach photos to the end of this blog, but be advised they came from my phone and I'm not pansy-ass photographer.
CCP Unifex gave us a brief idea of what to expect:
New ships (image shows Navy Drake, Myrm, Hurricane, Harbinger)
Industry love
POS love - no details
Resource rebalancing (image showed moon goo icons along with mining barge)
UI Love - map overhaul looks to be in the works
EXPLORATION is a big piece of this expansion, bringing back that sense of wonder every time you undock
More rebalance of exisiting ships
Redone station hangars, looks like you might be able to see other players undocking in the background, while remaining docked.
Something to do with pirate tags (tags4sec is my guess).
Going to see CCP at Jillians in Boston (next to Fenway) tonight. I'll see if I can milk more info.
Oh, EVE Odyssey is due June 4 and A LOT more info is coming at Fanfest... figures.

Someone apparently recorded it:

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