Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CCP at PAX East 2013

For fuck's sake...

So CCP posted this image on Facebook:

And the sweetest part is: I'M GOING TO BE THERE!!!1111ONEONEONEELEVEN

Yes, me, the greatest Alliance leader [operating out of Seyllin] will be at PAX East in Boston this Friday and Saturday. I will annoy the living shit out of the dev's with questions about the following:

Lowsec Buff
Ring Mining
POS overhaul
The future of walking in stations
Dust Planetary Conquest
Corporation role overhaul
and anything else you want me to ask.

Not only is CCP going to be at PAX, but they are hosting an event at a local bar (because we know these crazy vikings can't keep their energy rolling without constant alcohol consumption) which I will ALSO be attending. Also in attendance should be Lord Rectanus and Brusanan, both writers on this blog. Whether either will write anything is up in the air.

Another interesting tidbit: CCP has stated that this weekend will have the largest in game live event to date occurring. This could mean that I can take the helm of something awesome and fuck players up in hisec, like when CCP spawned an Incursion in Perimeter. Coupled with the leaked video of a Dust map featuring a crashed Leviathan in the distance and debris raining down like fire it appears that shit is about to get REAL! Because... of... EVE is Real.. or... something. Maybe it is a prediction of my first time flying a Titan... a fireball on the surface of a planet. Seems pretty accurate, actually.

Go to 2 minutes to see the goodness. CCP quickly removed this map from rotation and tinfoil hat wearers on the Dust514 forums claim any links to this video on the forums were removed, so it is believed to be a SPOILER for the EVE core story line, which involves a pack of immortal soldiers (Dust514 players) landing in Algogille and moving onto Caldari Prime in Luminaire while in pursuit of the Caldari Navy.

So far, plot-wise, the Minmatar, Caldari, and now the Gallente are all trying to capture and destroy the mercs before more damage can be done, because they are all apparently crazy and impossible to control. The Empress said she'll give them an area of space to fuck around in, so its likely that the starting lowsec for the upcoming Planetary Conquest game modes will be in the ass end of Aridia or somewhere else no one gives a shit about.

Anyway, standby for an update about PAX (and CCP's summer expansion plans) next week.

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