Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SMERG With 3 Capital Kills In a Week

For fuck's sake...

A little background:

About a month ago, a Hungarian alliance and their friends moved into Ane. This Alliance is named "pwn-o-graphy" and seemed to be loosely involved in null-sec warfare. As with any group that lives in Seyllin and Ane alongside Tso's, we lost tons of noobs during the daytime hours. They also would log off long before the "A" team was online, leaving us with very poor stats against them, which leads me to believe they were just killboard stat padding. That is, until last weekend.

Archon Down! (spoiler alert... oops, too late)

The Hungarians were very active on Saturday, March 2, flying about in their nano-faggy fleets. We mustered our main fighting force and began to attack a small gate camp they had assembled in Ane. They evac'd, and we remained to see what else they would bring. A sole Maelstrom returned, and with I in our newly-crafted Ancillary Armor Repairer-fit Myrmidon, aggressed the ship. I tried to push him into the BS camp we had on the other side, but when he started firing back at me, I gave the order for the fleet to attack. This is when W0wbagger from Shadow Cartel PM'd me to discuss a possible transfer of the DAYZE POCO's in Atlulle. I didn't dismiss him, instead I FC'd the engagement WHILE playing diplo, like a motherfucking boss. I had to warp the Myrm out, as I had to overheat my weapons before the Maelstrom deagressed and jumped. So after the Mael popped, I docked in our secondary station in Ane, and as I undocked, I saw the enemy's fleet on d-scan, consisting of several armor Battleships, including the Blood Raider Bhaalgorn.

I commanded the fleet (who weren't already in Battleships) to re-ship and get back on the Ane gate in Seyllin. The enemy then began jumping through, in full-force. Their fleet consisted of a Bhaalgorn, Tempest, Abaddon, Loki, Vagabond, Armageddon, and a few assorted Falcons and other support. We began a real great brawl when all of a sudden I noticed a cyno light on the gate and in came through a Triage Archon. This would make the fight nearly impossible for us... had I not had W0wbagger in that chat. I asked him if he would like a capital kill. And strangely enough: HE DID!

I asked ciapek (one of our blues in WORK. Alliance) to jump in "anything with a cyno" and get in Shadow Cartel's fleet, while SMERG would keep the hostiles interested. I got everyone I could into Logistics ships just to keep our fleet alive as we waited the eternity for SC to get their fleet together on the Titan to bridge. And then it happened - a fleet of about 20 ships came through the cyno and began aiding us in the slaughter of the majority of the Hungarian fleet, then they went to work on the Archon. It tanked like a beast, but eventually fell. As did his pod.

Don't Say We Never Did Anything For You

Much later that night, our most active non-SMERG corp, DAYZE, asked if anyone was available to help defend their POS in Parts from a siege. Those of us that were available responded quickly, assembling a pretty good sized SMERG-lead fleet and headed towards our brothers. We arrived to find a sole hero-Phoenix in siege shooting at our Alliance's tower. We attacked him full force, and despite being attacked by the friendly tower with it's defense settings too strict, we destroyed the ship in very short order. Not bad for a single day for my shit alliance!

Gotta Remember To Use Dem Safe Cyno Spots

This was a crazy random happenstance. Our corp policy is "warp to cynos," and it has netted us more than easy kills in the past, but this was definitely up there in our hall of fame. Huntin4Cloud9 was first on scene and noticed the Nidhoggur that just entered system was moving at a quick pace... away from Creodron, and the site of his cyno. This could turn out to be a trap, of course, but fuck it. I tackled it with my manly-ass Harpy, and stayed aligned until Rectanus had a second point on it in his Paladin. Dark jumped in a bumping Machariel, and I warped off and returned in a Neut Dominix. I was joined by a couple other Domi's and  was cap stable when Bashar undocked in his Guardian. We drained the carrier dry and finally got the kill when he was 20km from the edge of the station (about 40km from his original cyno spot).

All in all, not a bad turn of events for SMERG.

On a sad note, however, DAYZE has since left the Alliance for the gayness of the HoneyBadger Coalition in Fountain. SMERG wishes them luck on behalf of General Tso's Alliance, and will welcome them back when they realize how much null sucks ass (and that being a null Alliance's bitch isn't quite as much fun as being Big-dong Bubba's was back in the Federal Pen.)

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