Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Burseg's Thoughts on Battleship Tiericide

For fuck's sake...

No, really this time: FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

I'll try to make this a short and sweet synopsis, including everything discussed from the dev's (mostly CCP Rise, aka Kil2). They want to move the existing BS's (with the exception of the Scorpion) into Attack (fast, less HP, smaller sig, heavy damage) and Combat (slower, lots of HP, generally thought of as a 'brawler') categories as part of their dismantling of the 'tiers' that currently exist. This will also alter the price of the existing ships since their mineral content will be rebalanced after the change. But anyway, if you don't live under a rock, you should know that last part, so on to my opinion, which rules:


Not much changed. The Scorpion stays in its lonely Disruption role, the Rokh loses 1% resists per level, and the Raven remains a torpedo boat, but with an exchanged hislot into a mid and some fitting buffs to help make use of it. It also got a speed buff which could make for an interesting, fast Attack Battleship.


Maelstrom remains the same, and Tempest joins it into the Combat role. The latter is being debated, however, and there are some considerations for moving it over to the Attack line, reinstating a smaller signature radius and removing a bit of its HP.
The Typhoon becomes a dedicated torpedo boat as many (including myself) figured it would be, and gains an explosion velocity bonus that will aid in its trashing smaller targets. As an Attack Battleship, it will be quick, with a lighter tank. A few people feel that it overlaps too much with the Raven, and consideration is being put into that by CCP Rise, but he definitely believes it is strong in its own right.


The Abaddon gets similar treatment as the Rokh, because resists are OP... or something. The Apoc gains tracking while losing cap usage bonus, and moving it into the Attack role. Could be very interesting indeed.

Now, this is where I start to complain. The Armageddon was changed outright into a drone platform WITH A NEUT RANGE BONUS.

Now, a key point up to now that CCP has harped on is that the Amarr are the second drone race, favoring expanded drone bays to bandwidth. And up the line, that has worked:

Algos: 60 m3 / 35 mbits (10% drone damage, 10% small hybrid tracking, 25% drone mwd role bonus)
Dragoon: 75 m3 / 25 mbits (10% drone damage, 20% neut range, 25% drone mwd role bonus)

Vexor: 125 m3 / 75 mbits (5% hybrid damage, 10% drone damage)
Arbitrator: 150 m3 / 50 mbits (7.5% TD effectiveness, 10% drone damage)

Myrmidon: 200 m3 / 100 mbits (5% armor repair amount, 10% drone damage)
Prophecy: 225 m3 / 75 mbits (5% armor resists, 10% drone damage)


Dominix (new): 375 m3 / 125 mbits (10% drone damage, 10% drone tracking/optimal)
Armageddon (new): 375 m3 / 125 mbits (10% drone damage, 10% neut range)

So they scrapped that concept. CCP Rise mentions that it didn't "make sense" to have less than full drone bandwidth on the Amarr drone boat... except its been that way up the line. So all of a sudden it doesn't make sense? In addition, nerfing the Dominix's drone bay could be a way to make the Armageddon have a bigger one, but at the same time, I don't see the problem in giving it 400 m3. Who cares? It's strange that they want Combat Battleships to be in the fray and tanking damage, yet both of these ships seem to be designed to sit outside of the battle... It's almost as if they have no idea what they really want from the ship lines.

Also, the Armageddon has superior EHP plus 7 hislots. So even if you didn't want to utilize the neut bonus and just wanted to slap several Auto cannons on it, you'd be fine. All you lose is a mid from the Dominix in exchange, which hardly amounts to anything since its mostly used as a novelty slot where we stuff a Sensor Dampener to take out Falcons and/or Logistics ships, in the rare instance we don't have dedicated ships doing that for us... As I said, a novelty more than a necessity. And anyway, this brings us to the main attraction!


Dominix and Hyperion will move into "Combat" role.

Domi gains a shit ton of HP, but loses its hybrid turret damage bonus in exchange for the bullshit drone optimal/tracking bonus. This is clearly done to shove it into a tiny niche role as a mini-slowcat for null ops and kills at least 100 DPS from the ship. While this ship wasn't really prevalent in null, it was a mainstay in our Alliance Battleship fleets. With the changes to the Armageddon, it is very unlikely that the Dominix will even retain its Neut Domi status, aside from maybe being used up (read: brought out to die) in random engagements until they are all replaced by Amarr ships. I have made my thoughts on this very clear in the forums and in the Amarr post above...

As of this posting, CCP Rise has pulled down the Megathron and Hyperion original ideas because they were so terribad. The Hype was losing a mid and gaining a low, in an effort to buff its tank... with no thought as to how that active tank would be fueled since two mids have to be dedicated to capacitor boosters. Thankfully Kil2 has added that they are considering changing the Hype's active repair amount to include a capacitor use as well. This could be really interesting, but a lot of players believe a 7.5% to Active Repair and Remote Repair Reception Effectiveness would make it a gnarly doctrine ship. I frankly couldn't give a shit less what a good doctrine ship is, but that bonus could effectively make a plated Hype in our spider-tank fleets very dangerous.

As for the Megathron, a low was bumped to a mid, and its damage bonus was changed for a rate of fire, so it could put more damage on target. After mulling it over, I can sort of see what they were going for here. Especially if the ship is meant to be an Attack ship. I however, disagree with placing it into the Attack role. While it seems to make sense, the problem steps from active vs. plated armor tanking. Plated ships move slower and thus can't really get into position as easily, especially with the buff to the active armor rigs (they increase power use of armor reppers instead of increasing mass). So, it makes more sense to have the Hyperion take on the role as the Attack craft, losing no speed with its active tank, while the Megathron should be more of a Combat brawler.

So I really hope they do something more meaningful with the Dominix, because I crunched the numbers and the smallest projectiles will NOT fit on the ship after the changes. The already shitty hybrid range is a nail in the coffin for Gallente ships that are not bonused for hybrids. Most pilots immediately switch across to projectiles when presented with a choice. Who can argue? Cap-less guns with better overall range/tracking and the ability to change damage types. Seriously, who the fuck would stick with the marginally higher damage weapons if there's no reason to specifically keep them on your ship?

If a power grid boost isn't in line, it might be time to move across full-fledged into the Armageddon.

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