Saturday, May 18, 2013

From tghe Bowels of the ASphinct-ives III: WHOOOOOO!!!! Alcohol!!!!

A Letter from lord RectAnus to the Outside World:

Brothers!Q At the request of the higher-ups, I have decided to wriwhte this while I am njot in the best states of mind. But in tghe excitement of the moment I have decided to accept your challenge. Yoiu r faithfl scholar is writing about the most recent osf evemnts . Carrier kill bitches!! WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear, dear EdgARR Pauyl. He was a l;ittle misguided if I ust say so myself. But I am not complaining about the outcome. This is what happens when peop-le thinkm they can outfight a group of SMERG. Well, my dear fellow pilot, I hjave a Paladion-ion for this exact type sof situation. While othetrs,mayb have been there first,.I must admit I wasnt really paying attention, but I know I made the engfAGENTMENT... OOPS, APPARENLTY I TURNEDF ON MY CAPS LOCK... H/O. If it asnt for my sexy fuxking ass sitting there odn the station you would have gotten away. I mean, that
s the exact reason I created my Paladin, or fit it,... Im' nboit suyrwe. Sorry about that. But eys, I hasve ... umm... Yes I held it there despitwe the fact that I ran out of cap booters and had to bail AFTER someone ele showed up to tacjle his ass. But in the end we cazme out successfuyl. And if i SAY so, LL WAS because of me. My Paladin-iopn iwas the clinch in thuis fuycking enagement despite the fact that i was drunk. You dayid I would make a mjistake but I think, that I did alright. Yes, you can look t my cufrrent typing asndf telll iM inot uinb tghe best of minds but I still come across semi-coherent. Figure it out yourself cunts. We won,. we killed a capital, and we ae awesime. YeS! Woot... im gonna log and go la down now... goodnight.

Your faithful scholar,
Lotrd Sphincatsnu rectraus of mainsu connecticut.


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