Monday, May 27, 2013

Kaphine's Guide To Data Mining

Kaphine's Guide To Radar Sites Data Mining

      So you scanned down a Data Mining site...CONGRATULATIONS!  This first thing that you will notice is that everything is consolidated into one place!  Of the dozen site I went too, only one had rats guarding the site.

So you go to the one spot where all the drops are...that was simple.  From there target and engage your module. Then a Secondary screen pops up! See Below:

Play you way through the game, sometimes you will click right to the node that has your drop, others it will be impossible!  Through the game you have two types of nodes.  Those that help you and those that get in your way.  Your Hacking/Virus Strength and Coherence are in the bottom left.  As you play through the nodes the wrench and the data cashes will help repair your attempt as you battle through the firewalls.

Fuck ya give me my goodies!
Once the can is cracked it literally explodes with little containers that float away and dissolve in about 20-30 seconds. Most of the time I get 5-8 little cans. The cans are blue, once your "take" or scoop them, you can only do it one at a time, no more, no less. A white "tractor beam" pulls them to your ship (2-3 second delay). The other cans turn yellow while scooping one can a visual indicator.  The white cans are the ones out of your range.  You have be with in 2500 m...ish and the explode and all move at different directions at different rates of speed. Annoying. It seems literally impossible to scoop everything unless you have two buddies.  If then, can they scoop the loot?...I need to make more friends... to test this theory... I did I guess they need the Hacking Module too.

This is a combination of one Data Mining site and one Relic Mining Site...not the most profitable but I did get the same loot as the "old way".  If you FAIL and don't win the game two things can happen.
1) A rat spawn that tries to kill you!
2) The can blows up!
3) Re-Hack the can!

Fly Safe,

P.S. Then I had this drop!

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  1. Holy shit, Kaphine... did you just discover that the Echelon's shitty hacker thing is actually AWESOME on the test server????

    Time to try scam contracting whatever I can!

    1. It was weird on the test server the Echelon wouldn't drop the module of the ones I bought. However, I worked with the ones I had!