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Why do we orbit more quicklier?

There are a number of reasons that you might be missing your targets with turrets. Using the correct turret and ammo type for the range and speed of your target is key to landing those wrecking hits. 

Optimal Range

Every turret has an optimal range statistic. This is the maximum range you can hit at without penalty (barring Tracking issues, see below). Different ammo modifies your optimal range, increasing it while doing less damage or decreasing it while doing more damage. In general, the smaller the turret, the shorter the optimal range. There are different types of each size of turrets, with different fitting requirements, range, falloff and damage.


Your turret also has a stat called "Accuracy Falloff" which is the "buffer" for your optimal range in which you can expect to get decent hits. As you increase beyond your optimal you hit for less damage. The damage percentage decreases non-linearly:
At Optimal you hit for 100% damage
At Optimal + Falloff, you hit for 50% damage
At Optimal + 2 * Falloff you hit for 6% damage
At Optimal + 3 * Falloff, you hit for less than 0.2% damage
If you have a gun with an optimal range of 15,000 meters and an accuracy falloff of 5,000 meters, you can hit at 0-15,000 meters without penalty (again, not counting tracking issues), hit for 50% of base damage at 20,000, hit for ~21% at 22500 meters, and hit almost nothing at 30000 m. 

Transversal Velocity & Tracking

When people talk about keeping your Transversal up, they really mean Angular Velocity since that's what gun tracking ability is measured in (transversal is in m/s, angular--and gun tracking--is in rad/s). Transversal velocity is actually angular velocity multiplied by the distance from the object of reference to the rotating object, but we'll stick with the convention used in-game here. So just put Angular velocity on your overview, and if that's close to or exceeds your gun's tracking for a given target, you're gonna start whiffing. Easy.
Easier to say Transversal on vent though, I admit.

Transversal velocity is a measure of how fast two ships are moving across each other's field of view. It's always the same between two different ships, and hurts bigger guns and missiles when it's high. Thinking of a turret trying to track (rotate) to hit a moving target is an easy way to visualize it. If the target is traveling in such a way that you wouldn't have to move the turret at all, then the target has low transversal velocity. If you'd have to be moving the turret as fast as possible, that would be high transversal.

How it Works

If you were in the center of a clock (not a digital one), and a ship was sitting on the end of the minutes hand, it would be transversing 60x as fast as a ship sitting on the end of the hours hand. In EVE terms, it can be thought of as how fast something is moving across your field of vision, which mathematically can be defined as a function of its speed and approach (which form the afore referenced vector). If something were coming straight at you, it would have virtually no transversal, so even the slowest moving turret could hit it.
Imagine two stationary ships that have their turrets pointed toward each other.

A->                 <-B

The line of sight is an imaginary line that each turret follows as it targets the other ship.


Transversal velocity describes how fast a ship is moving out of the turret's line of fire. You can see that this depends on the direction the ship moves. If B moves directly toward A, it does not leave the line of sight at all.


So his transversal velocity is zero.

On the other hand, if he moves at a 90 degree angle, all of his movement takes him out of that line of sight.

His transversal velocity equals his total velocity.
Easy enough. What if both ships are moving? In a simple case, A and B move at the same 90 degree course at the same speed.

A->              <-B

You can see that both ships remain in each others line of sight. So the transversal velocity of each ship is zero.
On the other hand, if A and B move in opposite directions, each moves out of the other's line of sight twice as fast as if only one were moving.



So in this case the transversal velocity is the sum of both velocities.
In real life, the angles aren't perfect. But remember, only movement away from the line of sight affects transversal velocity. To deal with another angle, the game simply separates the ship's velocity into two parts - one in the line of sight (radial velocity) and one perpendicular to it (transverse velocity). The perpendicular components are figured for both ships. These are the gray lines in the simulation. It then adds or subtracts these perpendicular components to get the final transversal velocity.
You can display a column for the radial and transverse velocities for object on your in-game Overview, by using the right-click/settings menu.

Tracking speed

Each (non-missile) weapon has a tracking speed, and this can be further modified by skills, bonus, and weapon upgrades. Generally speaking, the higher this value, the greater the chance of hitting and more damage you will do to targets that have a high transverse velocity relative to you.
The tracking speed is specified as an angular velocity, in radians per second (rad/s). This is the maximum turning rate of a target (relative to your position) that the weapon will hit with greater than 50% base damage. If the object's angular velocity is higher than this, the weapon's damage is quickly reduced.
However, there's a complication. Each weapon has a "signature resolution", and each ship has a "signature radius". The weapon signature resolutions are consistent across all types, and only depend on the weapon size:

Weapon size Signature resolution
Small40 m
Medium125 m
Large400 m
XL1000 m

The ship signature radii vary between classes and individual types:
Ship Signature radius
Shuttle25 m
Interceptor (Crow)36 m
Frigate (Merlin)40 m
Destroyer (Thrasher)75 m
HAC (Vagabond)115 m
Cruiser (Caracal)145 m
Industrial (Bestower)210 m
Battlecruiser (Ferox)285 m
Battleship (Dominix)420 m
Dreadnought (Moros)1740 m

The ratio between the target's signature radius and the weapon's signature resolution is multiplied by the tracking speed of the weapon. Therefore, you want this ratio to be 1 or over.
For instance, shooting a frigate (radius = 40 m) with a small turret (resolution = 40 m) gives a perfect ratio of 40/40 = 1.
Shooting a BC (radius = 285 m) with a medium turret (resolution = 125 m) gives a bonus of 285/125 = 2.28 to the turret's tracking speed.
However, shooting an interceptor (radius = 36 m) with a large turret (resolution = 400 m) gives a big penalty of 36/400 = 0.09 to the tracking.
(Modified tracking speed) = (base tracking speed) x (target's signature radius) / (weapon's signature resolution)
To calculate the maximum transverse velocity of a target, multiply the modified tracking speed by the range to the target:
(Max transverse velocity) = (weapon's modified tracking speed) x (target range)
For example, a 125 mm autocannon has a tracking speed of 0.395 rad/s. Let's say you're trying to shoot a frigate, so the signature ratio is 1. This means:
  • At 5 km, the maximum transverse velocity of a target is 1975 m/s.
  • At 1 km, the maximum is 395 m/s.
  • At 500 m, the maximum is 197.5 m/s.
Compare this to a 280 mm artillery cannon with a tracking speed of 0.066 rad/s:
  • At 20 km, the maximum transverse velocity of a target is 1320 m/s.
  • At 10 km, the maximum is 660 m/s.
  • At 5 km, 330 m/s.
  • At 1 km, 66 m/s.
  • At 500 m, 33 m/s.
The "maximum" transverse velocity is not really a maximum, since the falloff in hit damage is gradual:
(Damage fraction) = (0.5)^( ((Transverse velocity)/(Maximum transverse velocity) )^2 )
  • At a transverse velocity of 0% to 39% of maximum, the hit damage is 100% to 90% of the base value.
  • At 39% to 86% of maximum, the damage goes from 90% to 60%
  • At 100% of maximum, the damage is exactly 50%
  • At 182% of maximum, the damage is 10%
  • At 200% of maximum, the damage is 6%
  • At 300% of maximum, the damage is 0.2%
Now say you were trying to hit a frigate flying at 600 m/s in circles around you. Divide the 600 m/s by the modified tracking speed to find the minimum range that you want to be from the target:
  • For the autocannon, 600/0.395 = 1518 m.
  • For the artillery, 600/0.066 = 9090 m.
This allows you to find an optimum orbit range of a target that balances the falloff of damage due to range, and the falloff of damage due to tracking.
You can also use this information to avoid being hit. Say you are in a frigate (sig radius = 40 m) with a max speed of 400 m/s. You are fighting a cruiser fitted with medium Blaster weapons (tracking speed = 0.12 rad/s, sig resolution = 125 m). Assuming no bonuses:
The cruiser's modified weapon tracking speed is 0.12 x (40/125) = 0.0384
Divide your speed by the modified tracking speed: 400 / 0.0384 = 10416 m
So if you orbit at a range less than about 10000 m, the cruiser will hit you for less than 50% of max damage. At 5000 m, less that 6%, and at 3300 m, it will hit you for almost nothing. 

Related Skills

There are a number of skills related to turret damage and tracking.
  • The basic Gunnery skill boosts turret rate of fire by 2% per level.
  • Base damage is boosted by the relevant turret skill (e.g. Small Projectile Turret), and any ship skills for ships that have turret damage bonuses.
  • The Surgical Strike skill gives a 3% damage bonus to all turret types.
  • Rapid Firing reduces the delay between shots by 4% per level, thus boosting DPS.
  • Tech 2 turret specialization skills (e.g. Large Railgun Specialization) boost the damage of the relevant T2 turret types by 2% per level.
  • Sharpshooter gives a 5% boost to turret optimal range.
  • Trajectory Analysis boosts turret falloff by 5% per level, thus increase the effective range.
  • Motion Prediction gives a 5% increase per level in turret tracking speed. Some ships also have bonuses to tracking speed per level of ship skill.

Hoc est proprie rapta Kaphine Goodswarm Wiki a page.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dust514 Uprising Needs Moar EVE Integration

For fuck's sake...

I walk into this having not written a new blog in a while, being consumed with managing EVE shit, managing Dust shit, and RL glorious-ness (including a new Kill-Tac 9 album!). But I've been pouring over the troll-infested Dust514 forums to see a post by jenza, a CPM rep, explaining ideas on the table for expanding FW battles.

I'll let you read her whole spiel about polling and such, but with a sample size of only 300, its hard to pull anything from it, tbh. It'd be like saying 90% of Americans support back ground checks on firearm purchases or something ludicrous like that! I mean, who the hell would believe that and post it on the mainstream news... oh.......

I'll sum up a couple of her ideas:

  • Add FF to FW battles.
  • Add a collateral that you pay to join a match, that you get back regardless of win condition.
  • If you kill friendlies, the value of what you kill is deducted from your collateral (and potentially paid to the person you fucked over.)
  • Standings will start to play a part, which will be affected by how much you grief. If you grief a lot, your collateral goes up, but if you do really well for your faction, you'll collateral will go down, albeit at a slower pace.
  • Dust corporations (or EVE corps with Dust components) should be able to launch attacks against specific districts, similar to PC battles. A timer will start and the NPC Faction will open up a defense contract that another corp can grab. In the 5 minute count-down in the war barge, both corps can fill their respective sides (each player paying collateral) and then the match starts. Once the match starts, however, randoms can fill the empty slots.

Now, these ideas are incredible. They go a lot further than my idea about "exclusive access" perks a corp should get to join a match, that's for sure. However, there is still the pesky fact that there needs to be MOARRRRR EVE integration!

Things that NEED to be implemented:

  • Split the God damn Tactical Starship strikes from the WP gain! Make it based off of time spent within the beacon's 10 km radius, similar to the fanfest tournament. That idea sounded amazing, why the fuck isn't it in Dust already?
  • While they are at it, make the starships strikes more spectacular looking from the ground! Add a different sound, so you know DAMN WELL you just got hit! Shit, make it so when ships appear in orbit around the district for the first time (to avoid spam) it alerts players on the ground with a siren.
  • More options for strikes. Missiles hitting the MCC from space could be really fucking cool and could significantly turn the tide.

Things that SHOULD be implemented:

  • Allow EVE pilots to drop "reinforcements" onto the surface. This should come in the form of adding additional players onto their respective side. More on this in the PC part below.
  • Allow EVE pliots to drop "supplies" onto the surface. This should simply increase the amount of clones on a side.
  • Allow EVE pilots to drop "engineering assets" onto the surface. This should repair damage to the MCC.

A lot of players are complaining that this feature is stagnating or is turning into a "job." Well, to that complaint, I say "tough shit" because a lot of boys in nullsec think that about Sov warfare, and if you don't want to be bothered, don't play.

Other complaints are more legitimite. These focus on timezone lock downs, team sizes making it so a lot of groups recycle the same 30 or say players in their whole Alliance, and the high barrier for entry for smaller corps. I have a few ideas how to correct this.

Things that NEED to be implemented:

  • Open up ALL of lowsec. Now. ALL OF IT.
  • Allow EVE players to contract attacks against districts, just like Dust corps attack districts with clone packs. Except this time, the EVE players dictate how much they will PAY to get this done in addition to supplying a 150-man clone assault pack (or more). If the attackers win, they get paid 100% of the contract, maybe split to members or taxed into their corp wallet, whatever. If the defenders win, the attackers get nothing. The EVE contract-creator can specify who the contracts are open to, based on standings, of course and have final say on acceptance of the contract. If no one accepts, the contract is voided.
  • EVE bombardment stuff I mentioned above.
  • Better/More EVE side bonuses, so they give a shit.
  • Ability for mini-battles to be started inside of a district against any PI Command Centers.These should a rush-to-capture nodes game mode against NPCs that an EVE player can install (or substitute with mercs), with a short timer and only an attacking MCC. The attackers should have to capture ALL of the nodes to win and should have to do it in a short amount of time. If done, the PI infrastructure is removed, and any materials on the surface should be transferred to the corp who owns the district.

Things that SHOULD be implemented:

  • Reinforcements - Currently matches are 16v16. CCP promised 24v24 and beyond, but I think an interesting middle ground should be established. EVE players should be able to drop in additional clone troopers (players) onto the surface once a match is in progress. These players should drop from orbit into a random position on the ground and join the existing fight on the side of their corp. This should be permitted to add at least 4 players, but I think adding more should be dependent on if the other team is able to do the same.
  • Supplies - This should function as an airship dropping into the redline (and can be destroyed by Dust mercs before it lands) that launches from a ship in orbit (preferably an Industrial) and drops more clones for a team.
  • Engineering Assets - Basically repair drones that come down from orbit and repair the MCC. They, too, can be destroyed.
  • Resource harvesting/PvE - I love CCP's idea for this, get it in the game ASAP.
  • A way to see ownership by Alliance in the PC map. That's just flair, but would be nice!

Well, that's all for now.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh...PL....They are just moving through...

The the release of the new expansion brought about changes that were to add balance to the game.

Don't worry Salid boldly proclaimed they are just passing through.  What I think he ment was, "pushing through"...

Citizens of EVE may I introduce....the HOT DROP

Our's looks like this....

Some things in EVE never change no matter how many updates there are!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kaphine's Tips

I understand that there is alot of EVE i still don't know.... and never will.

~GOD gave Salid cancer....(Christmas present probably)...
~Col. Relentless rage of boardem... (I think he beats his wife with his cock)....
~Burseg loves pitbulls....(he pets them like kittens).....
~RectAnus loves food.....(I think he loves latin food more)....

But there are also EVE chages that make the gameplay more organic.

Here are some fun facts about things that should be known!

1) You can drag a ship fitting into the Market quickbar.
All items are now in a sorted folder, named after the ship fitting, within the quickbar.

2) Right-click the capacitor overlay > Reconnect to lost drones after you've returned to the grid where you warped off and abandoned your drones.

3)When setting up or modifying buy/sell orders use the scroll wheel to change by 0.01 isk.

4)To Dscan accurately - narrow your target down by Angle (hold the Alt key to show a square. Wherever your CAMERA (not ship) is pointing, the square is where you're dscan is pointing. Once you get a 5 degree scan, set the range to increments of 150,000,000. For Eve purposes, 150 mil KM is ~ 1 AU. So if you want to check a belt 5AU away without scanning the one 11AU away, set the scan range to 750,000,000.
Dscan can also be done from your solar system map. You can also use the tactical overlay to pop up a nice little AU reference grid that is especially useful when using the above, because you can put scanner probes virtually on top of your target from any range/angle. This is how "one scanning" is done.

5) When attacked and something is activated on you, you can target the ship that is doing that by ctrl+click on the icon over the capacitor(the little scram symbol).

6) Never warp driectly to your safe bookmarks, always land at range so it is more dynamic/usable.

7) You can select multiple research and manufacturing jobs (click on the first job, then shift + click on the last) and click complete to have all jobs complete at the same time. This also includes invention jobs, saving you time having to delivery each job individually.
In the blueprints / corp blue prints if you click on one of the columns to sort your blueprints you can then hit CTLR + C to copy, and then paste all your blueprints including the ME/PE into a notepad or excel document.

8) In a wormhole, never talk in local.....ever.

9) You don't succeed in EvE by never taking risks. You succeed in EvE by taking the right risks. The reason Poker is so popular with EvE players is because both work on this same principal. If you are folding every hand because you are afraid you'll lose, there is no point in playing at all.

10) EvE = Everyone vs. Everyone!

~ Kaphine

/Brought to you by Reddit.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 JUNE 2013 - The Sunday EVE Forgot

      A few days before the "Sunday EVE Forgot" a small down time lead to a bonus of 50,000 Skill Points as compensation. This seemed to be a rare treat for me, because the server was down when I was at work and was busy.  I spent the skill points as soon as I received them, always put a good gift to use!

     Last night, was like any other glorious night in SMERG.  We gathered the like a group of misfit toys with our T1 awesomeness in a frigate roam! To gather the tears and loot of our enemies, to grow PVPIP for a new month, to glory and victory for SMERG!  We made it into OMS (Old Man Star), one by one we fell.  Not to our enemy, not to our stupidity, but to our creator...CCP.  Rect Anus was the first to followed by Me, then others...Vent was up and running strong.  Overall it was a great roam said Salid, "Two Cruiser kills and Charles was podded.".  We couldn't have planned a better roam!

CCP this is for you:

     In my opinion, they should just release Odyssey early, just saying....I'm tired of being efficient today, doing chores and other adult responsibilities all day.

Solum durum, Solum fortis