Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 JUNE 2013 - The Sunday EVE Forgot

      A few days before the "Sunday EVE Forgot" a small down time lead to a bonus of 50,000 Skill Points as compensation. This seemed to be a rare treat for me, because the server was down when I was at work and was busy.  I spent the skill points as soon as I received them, always put a good gift to use!

     Last night, was like any other glorious night in SMERG.  We gathered the like a group of misfit toys with our T1 awesomeness in a frigate roam! To gather the tears and loot of our enemies, to grow PVPIP for a new month, to glory and victory for SMERG!  We made it into OMS (Old Man Star), one by one we fell.  Not to our enemy, not to our stupidity, but to our creator...CCP.  Rect Anus was the first to followed by Me, then others...Vent was up and running strong.  Overall it was a great roam said Salid, "Two Cruiser kills and Charles was podded.".  We couldn't have planned a better roam!

CCP this is for you:

     In my opinion, they should just release Odyssey early, just saying....I'm tired of being efficient today, doing chores and other adult responsibilities all day.

Solum durum, Solum fortis

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