Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dust514 Uprising Needs Moar EVE Integration

For fuck's sake...

I walk into this having not written a new blog in a while, being consumed with managing EVE shit, managing Dust shit, and RL glorious-ness (including a new Kill-Tac 9 album!). But I've been pouring over the troll-infested Dust514 forums to see a post by jenza, a CPM rep, explaining ideas on the table for expanding FW battles.

I'll let you read her whole spiel about polling and such, but with a sample size of only 300, its hard to pull anything from it, tbh. It'd be like saying 90% of Americans support back ground checks on firearm purchases or something ludicrous like that! I mean, who the hell would believe that and post it on the mainstream news... oh.......

I'll sum up a couple of her ideas:

  • Add FF to FW battles.
  • Add a collateral that you pay to join a match, that you get back regardless of win condition.
  • If you kill friendlies, the value of what you kill is deducted from your collateral (and potentially paid to the person you fucked over.)
  • Standings will start to play a part, which will be affected by how much you grief. If you grief a lot, your collateral goes up, but if you do really well for your faction, you'll collateral will go down, albeit at a slower pace.
  • Dust corporations (or EVE corps with Dust components) should be able to launch attacks against specific districts, similar to PC battles. A timer will start and the NPC Faction will open up a defense contract that another corp can grab. In the 5 minute count-down in the war barge, both corps can fill their respective sides (each player paying collateral) and then the match starts. Once the match starts, however, randoms can fill the empty slots.

Now, these ideas are incredible. They go a lot further than my idea about "exclusive access" perks a corp should get to join a match, that's for sure. However, there is still the pesky fact that there needs to be MOARRRRR EVE integration!

Things that NEED to be implemented:

  • Split the God damn Tactical Starship strikes from the WP gain! Make it based off of time spent within the beacon's 10 km radius, similar to the fanfest tournament. That idea sounded amazing, why the fuck isn't it in Dust already?
  • While they are at it, make the starships strikes more spectacular looking from the ground! Add a different sound, so you know DAMN WELL you just got hit! Shit, make it so when ships appear in orbit around the district for the first time (to avoid spam) it alerts players on the ground with a siren.
  • More options for strikes. Missiles hitting the MCC from space could be really fucking cool and could significantly turn the tide.

Things that SHOULD be implemented:

  • Allow EVE pilots to drop "reinforcements" onto the surface. This should come in the form of adding additional players onto their respective side. More on this in the PC part below.
  • Allow EVE pliots to drop "supplies" onto the surface. This should simply increase the amount of clones on a side.
  • Allow EVE pilots to drop "engineering assets" onto the surface. This should repair damage to the MCC.

A lot of players are complaining that this feature is stagnating or is turning into a "job." Well, to that complaint, I say "tough shit" because a lot of boys in nullsec think that about Sov warfare, and if you don't want to be bothered, don't play.

Other complaints are more legitimite. These focus on timezone lock downs, team sizes making it so a lot of groups recycle the same 30 or say players in their whole Alliance, and the high barrier for entry for smaller corps. I have a few ideas how to correct this.

Things that NEED to be implemented:

  • Open up ALL of lowsec. Now. ALL OF IT.
  • Allow EVE players to contract attacks against districts, just like Dust corps attack districts with clone packs. Except this time, the EVE players dictate how much they will PAY to get this done in addition to supplying a 150-man clone assault pack (or more). If the attackers win, they get paid 100% of the contract, maybe split to members or taxed into their corp wallet, whatever. If the defenders win, the attackers get nothing. The EVE contract-creator can specify who the contracts are open to, based on standings, of course and have final say on acceptance of the contract. If no one accepts, the contract is voided.
  • EVE bombardment stuff I mentioned above.
  • Better/More EVE side bonuses, so they give a shit.
  • Ability for mini-battles to be started inside of a district against any PI Command Centers.These should a rush-to-capture nodes game mode against NPCs that an EVE player can install (or substitute with mercs), with a short timer and only an attacking MCC. The attackers should have to capture ALL of the nodes to win and should have to do it in a short amount of time. If done, the PI infrastructure is removed, and any materials on the surface should be transferred to the corp who owns the district.

Things that SHOULD be implemented:

  • Reinforcements - Currently matches are 16v16. CCP promised 24v24 and beyond, but I think an interesting middle ground should be established. EVE players should be able to drop in additional clone troopers (players) onto the surface once a match is in progress. These players should drop from orbit into a random position on the ground and join the existing fight on the side of their corp. This should be permitted to add at least 4 players, but I think adding more should be dependent on if the other team is able to do the same.
  • Supplies - This should function as an airship dropping into the redline (and can be destroyed by Dust mercs before it lands) that launches from a ship in orbit (preferably an Industrial) and drops more clones for a team.
  • Engineering Assets - Basically repair drones that come down from orbit and repair the MCC. They, too, can be destroyed.
  • Resource harvesting/PvE - I love CCP's idea for this, get it in the game ASAP.
  • A way to see ownership by Alliance in the PC map. That's just flair, but would be nice!

Well, that's all for now.

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  1. Never have I heard a better collection of suggestions for DUST. Having Aura announce the arrival of enemy orbital assets would be amazing. Having eve corps be able to more directly co-ordinate merc combat would be amazing, hell, anything that allows the two to properly co-ordinate would actually make random FW pilots consider pursuing orbitals. Where's the map view that shows systems with mercs on the ground, with a hover-text that shows how long the battle has been raging?
    tl;dr CCP should take a look at this page as a to-do list.