Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kaphine's Tips

I understand that there is alot of EVE i still don't know.... and never will.

~GOD gave Salid cancer....(Christmas present probably)...
~Col. Relentless rage of boardem... (I think he beats his wife with his cock)....
~Burseg loves pitbulls....(he pets them like kittens).....
~RectAnus loves food.....(I think he loves latin food more)....

But there are also EVE chages that make the gameplay more organic.

Here are some fun facts about things that should be known!

1) You can drag a ship fitting into the Market quickbar.
All items are now in a sorted folder, named after the ship fitting, within the quickbar.

2) Right-click the capacitor overlay > Reconnect to lost drones after you've returned to the grid where you warped off and abandoned your drones.

3)When setting up or modifying buy/sell orders use the scroll wheel to change by 0.01 isk.

4)To Dscan accurately - narrow your target down by Angle (hold the Alt key to show a square. Wherever your CAMERA (not ship) is pointing, the square is where you're dscan is pointing. Once you get a 5 degree scan, set the range to increments of 150,000,000. For Eve purposes, 150 mil KM is ~ 1 AU. So if you want to check a belt 5AU away without scanning the one 11AU away, set the scan range to 750,000,000.
Dscan can also be done from your solar system map. You can also use the tactical overlay to pop up a nice little AU reference grid that is especially useful when using the above, because you can put scanner probes virtually on top of your target from any range/angle. This is how "one scanning" is done.

5) When attacked and something is activated on you, you can target the ship that is doing that by ctrl+click on the icon over the capacitor(the little scram symbol).

6) Never warp driectly to your safe bookmarks, always land at range so it is more dynamic/usable.

7) You can select multiple research and manufacturing jobs (click on the first job, then shift + click on the last) and click complete to have all jobs complete at the same time. This also includes invention jobs, saving you time having to delivery each job individually.
In the blueprints / corp blue prints if you click on one of the columns to sort your blueprints you can then hit CTLR + C to copy, and then paste all your blueprints including the ME/PE into a notepad or excel document.

8) In a wormhole, never talk in local.....ever.

9) You don't succeed in EvE by never taking risks. You succeed in EvE by taking the right risks. The reason Poker is so popular with EvE players is because both work on this same principal. If you are folding every hand because you are afraid you'll lose, there is no point in playing at all.

10) EvE = Everyone vs. Everyone!

~ Kaphine

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