Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Killed Willie!

     So Salid, (pictured below) successfully solo'd an Orca!  By solo I mean he was able to gain agro, gain a limited engagement, and then chew on this big piece of meat like a toddler with out teeth.

     With a limited supply of ammo, Salid chewing away made the call and Tso's answered! Selina and I blitzed in to Teon.  Once on station the faggy logistics, fucked off allowing Salid gain his sweet, sweet prize.  In typical paranoid fashion being voiced over comms he was very convinced that he WASN'T going to get his kill by some life anomaly. His hero Tristan is pictured below....from what I hear its pretty O.P.!!!

Blame RectAnus for this shitty blog.


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