Friday, October 25, 2013

Venture Roam, Best Roam

For fuck's sake...

Despite relatively few of my Alliance mates showing up, the Venture roam on Wednesday was a resounding success!

Behold, the fucking glory.

And this time I'm not being sarcastic. We all fit Ventures however we wanted, I went with this:

Dem rails. Requires all 4 Genolution implants, btw.. or some 5% hardwirings.

We wandered back and forth between Ladistier and Fliet in our 5-man Venture gang looking for targets. Somehow James died on the OMS gate to our frienemies, Soul Takers. He didn't return, sadly.

We continued on our quest, toying with a destroyer, faction and assault frigate gang in Fliet for a bit, before pulling back to Ladistier. A couple cocksuckers kept warping around and cloaking in a Punisher and Kestrel, because that's what 1337 FW PVP'ers do, after all. They joined for PVP and stayed for the button orbits, so pro.

Anyway, we caught sight of a Pixi guy and chased him a couple jumps into Abune, where my glorious Venture grabbed his black ass on a gate. We killed him after a couple losses and me personally having to warp out 3 times. For whatever reason, my fleet mates could not grasp the idea that they have +2 to warp strength on their fucking Ventures.

How fucking hard is that to understand? 100% to mining and gas harvester yield, assholes!!!!
Also, Arunis had to be the special kid in a non-Venture, so when he was scrammed/webbed he was fucked.

But anyway, not warping even though you can is better than 1/2 the Corp that showed up last night (Thursday) for the roam... that happened 24 hours prior. After letting people know that we would be using the calendar back when we announced scheduled ops, it appears people STILL don't understand the whole GMT thing... despite playing the game for several years.

[ 2013.10.25 00:23:38 ] Reg'nar > wtf is a venture........
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:47 ] Burseg Sardaukar > Venture
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:51 ] Antcent Kaff > ^ mining
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:51 ] Burseg Sardaukar > roam was yesterday

[ 2013.10.25 01:19:22 ] ColRelentless > is that venture roam tonight
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:33 ] Huntin4Cloud9 > facepalm
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:55 ] Burseg Sardaukar > no, it was last night
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:56 ] Reg'nar > NO. don't you check the calender? jeez
[ 2013.10.25 01:20:01 ] ColRelentless > fuck

[ 2013.10.25 01:24:29 ] Kain Lugo > 6 min till the venture roam starts right ?
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:33 ] Kain Lugo > kidn kidn XD
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:34 ] Kain Lugo > lol
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:37 ] ColRelentless > ^ see
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:41 ] ColRelentless > lulz
[ 2013.10.25 01:26:08 ] Burseg Sardaukar > u nubs

It's all good, though. Confusion cleared up. New roam Sunday, SHIELD AF's (and below).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kaphine's Vegas Adventure

Good Day All,
This is my adventure in Las Vegas, to attend Eve Vegas 2013!
I just meet CCP Praetorian in the lobby of the RIO! It is only 3:15 and I have already met half a dozen players!

Played roulette with Mark726 was winning, and then we saw CCP Guard and CCP Arrow took the picture! Me and CCP Arrow will have words and he will tell me how bad my ideas are! Thanks, Salid for giving me the confidence I need!

Then there was Doom Chinchilla, I thanked him for the Shadow Cartel drop the other day, he was in his signature Rorqual, to scoop the dead SCUM. Dread! This is for you!

Everyone and I mean everyone started showing up to the pub crawl and was getting so drunk I could not remember everyone that I met! The big ones that stuck out in my mind are Chribba, The Mittani, and CCP Fozzie! Then I jumped of the Stratosphere. Zapa is the Man!

Then the even coordinators had four people volunteer to jump off! I was one of the four! That was my first night at an EVE event! WOW!

The next morning was check-in and onward to the festivities!

Got my Tempest and Codes and first drop of loot!

Then onward to Breakfast with WAFFLES eating WAFFLES!

Now it is time for Jared to lose his Sh!t,I meet Chribba in the flesh! Chribba 

Now onward to the main event!

There were multiple talks, about the future of EVE, to include Dust 514 and EVr Valkyrie.  There was the subject of UI (User Interface) being on the table for discussion. Below are pictures of prototype or concept ideas.

These pictures don't do what I saw justice but a cleaner, better UI is at the forefront of making this beautiful game, "flow", just as beautifully.

5 VS. 5

My first time playing DUST 514. CCP Set up a 8 v 8.

When I got home this was my total drop, also because my Collector's Edition arrived!!!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Return of Weekly Ops

For fuck's sake...

THIS ISN'T GOING TO BE A DUST BLOG. There, I said it, so you can keep reading, now. Asshole.

tl;dr - General Tso's (with some friends of ours) will be starting up weekly ops with varying destinations and varying fleet compositions, with HOPEFULLY varying FC's.

First, let's kick this off with a screenie of a dying Orca from one of our master (suspect) baiters, Skyfloater.

Us, being Japanese. (Get it?)

And Kaphine sucks, as usual. We started a great thread on our forums about shit that he should have known by now.

Now, the long part, for those that give a shit.

Why are we doing this?

Mostly because its fun, but also because I was surprised at the fleet turnout Tuesday (19 characters total throughout the roam with a peak membership at 17 half-way through). We generally haven't had good luck getting players to join Alliance ops in the past due to many reasons (see section at the bottom), but largely because of our hyper-casual nature.

We had a nice conversation on comms with most of the fleet after our shield HAC/BC roam last night, and despite not killing much, most people agreed it was good fun.

Picture above: not much

There was immediate desire to go throw our ships away in Amamake, which I declined outright, and there was minor pressure to start a brand new roam 20 jumps away in Black Rise, which I also wasn't willing to do after roaming for about and hour and a half already. This motivation got me questioning what it is my Alliance (and friends) would like us to do in the future. So, we verbally drew up a rough plan.

What is going to happen?

Starting last night, I put a legitimate scheduled op on the Alliance calendar. This will be the primary place to look for future ops. The details should be completely hashed out before the event is created. These details need to include the ship composition type, the launch time, the launch location and could include an FC. Members of the Alliance that wish to attend should RSVP, and those that absolutely know they can not make it should RSVP "declined". This way, if a large chunk of players actually decline the op in advance it can be quickly rescheduled without a small handful of people showing up in Command Ships get blue-balled. 

I will veer away from using Alliance mails to alert people to ops, so WATCH THE CALENDAR (and Alliance MOTD). We might encourage participation by enforcing an "any less than 10 accepted RSVPs will result in cancellation of the op" policy. So, again, watch the fucking calendar, scrubs!
FCIP may be reinstated, but the desire to kill people should be the driving force here. If an FC can't get people to commit to a doctrine, it is on him to alter it to something that will appeal to more players. I wish to definitely have different people leading the fleets, as my personal schedule is increasingly cramped, limiting my availability. 

If the fleet is organized and FC'd by a SMERG player, all loot drops will be contracted to Bashar Sardaukar at the nearest station for entry into SMERG PVPIP. If you are in SMERG, PVPIP entry is not optional, check this forum post for details.

BS roams will (most likely) never happen because of the giant hot-drop potential and the lumbering nature of the fucking things. Don't ask. Go fuck yourself. BLOPs are a different story, of course, but we sure as shit aren't going to wander around through Amamake in Armageddons.

Why haven't we done this sooner?

As I said above, we are largely casual, with a small core of hyper-dedicated pilots. That, however, has started to shift.

Also, there was a time where we did "suicide roams" in T1 fit T1 cruisers into Great Wildlands every single Saturday night. Half the fleet was drunk. These eventually dissolved to the point where only 4 people or so would show up. Why? I can't be certain, but factors included:
  • Not always getting fights.
  • The 20 jumps to the staging system of Skarkon.
  • The amount of time we spent ratting.
  • When we did get fights, we rarely killed anything since people in null don't believe in fighting small gangs with small gangs.
  • It was fucking Saturday night and people had better shit to do.
  • The same T1 cruisers were getting dull to fly.

So, we will try to correct almost all the problems with our new system. I can't promise fights, but the rest should be pretty simple to mitigate.

Oh, and pumpkin assholes.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Alliance Dust Corps Generating EVE Content

For fuck's sake...

Wednesday night, I was in the middle of running some Dust matches yesterday with Ari and a guy from Abandoned Privilege (ABPV) when the ABPV guy tells me his corp is pinging to get dudes into squads for a PC battle. Two days prior the killer taxi CEO (deathdealer24) had sent out Alliance mails about his upcoming match as well, so I assumed the ABPV guy was talking about that. But apparently his corp had a battle that same night, much to my surprise! And best of all, it was in 15 minutes... But I assured him I'd get bombers in orbit.

I jumped off Dust and quickly rallied the SMERG troops (including having Bashar make the 15 jumps down from Gallente space) to orbit in Altbrard. We made it in the nick of time for the start of the match, and as we exited warp onto the District beacon, a Pradox One Hurricane was in position, loaded with 3 warp core stabs and Tactical Laser S. We dispatched him quickly. Sadly, our boys on the surface must not have done well as we received 0 orbital requests. To add insult to injury, the locals (Calamitous-Intent) blobbed us and murdered poor Kaphine in his lol-fit Ishtar.

We killed another 45 minutes or so, Gene finding a Maelstrom on scan in Heild, but when I got a prober into position the dude warped between safes a couple times before docking. I reassembled the fleet and moved on to the KTCOM match in Oddelulf. They were facing a relatively unknown Dust corp on the surface, and they had a pesky Catalyst that kept warping into the District beacon at range. We kept him at bay and our bombardiers were connected the District throughout 95% of the match. The hostile ship was not permitted to support his friends on the ground, thanks to our valiant efforts (led by yours, truly, of course). Gene was able to fire off his first ever bombardment, followed by me dropping two payloads myself before he could pull the trigger. I always have been quick on the draw, just ask any of my ex's.

Bet you didn't see that coming.

A few KTCOM losses scrolled up with our damage notifications, so someone had no idea what they were doing on the surface. We laughed at their misfortune and before we were able to answer the 4th bombardment request, this time from my boy Ari, we were AGAIN blobbed by the Calamitous-Intent douche bags. We downed their stabber, but at the cost of most our fleet. NO REGRETS!!

All this being said, I feel like this is a great example of synergy between the two games, even if CCP sort of fucked up the implementation.

My next blog will more than likely be on another Dust514 concept I'd like to see implemented.