Saturday, October 5, 2013

Alliance Dust Corps Generating EVE Content

For fuck's sake...

Wednesday night, I was in the middle of running some Dust matches yesterday with Ari and a guy from Abandoned Privilege (ABPV) when the ABPV guy tells me his corp is pinging to get dudes into squads for a PC battle. Two days prior the killer taxi CEO (deathdealer24) had sent out Alliance mails about his upcoming match as well, so I assumed the ABPV guy was talking about that. But apparently his corp had a battle that same night, much to my surprise! And best of all, it was in 15 minutes... But I assured him I'd get bombers in orbit.

I jumped off Dust and quickly rallied the SMERG troops (including having Bashar make the 15 jumps down from Gallente space) to orbit in Altbrard. We made it in the nick of time for the start of the match, and as we exited warp onto the District beacon, a Pradox One Hurricane was in position, loaded with 3 warp core stabs and Tactical Laser S. We dispatched him quickly. Sadly, our boys on the surface must not have done well as we received 0 orbital requests. To add insult to injury, the locals (Calamitous-Intent) blobbed us and murdered poor Kaphine in his lol-fit Ishtar.

We killed another 45 minutes or so, Gene finding a Maelstrom on scan in Heild, but when I got a prober into position the dude warped between safes a couple times before docking. I reassembled the fleet and moved on to the KTCOM match in Oddelulf. They were facing a relatively unknown Dust corp on the surface, and they had a pesky Catalyst that kept warping into the District beacon at range. We kept him at bay and our bombardiers were connected the District throughout 95% of the match. The hostile ship was not permitted to support his friends on the ground, thanks to our valiant efforts (led by yours, truly, of course). Gene was able to fire off his first ever bombardment, followed by me dropping two payloads myself before he could pull the trigger. I always have been quick on the draw, just ask any of my ex's.

Bet you didn't see that coming.

A few KTCOM losses scrolled up with our damage notifications, so someone had no idea what they were doing on the surface. We laughed at their misfortune and before we were able to answer the 4th bombardment request, this time from my boy Ari, we were AGAIN blobbed by the Calamitous-Intent douche bags. We downed their stabber, but at the cost of most our fleet. NO REGRETS!!

All this being said, I feel like this is a great example of synergy between the two games, even if CCP sort of fucked up the implementation.

My next blog will more than likely be on another Dust514 concept I'd like to see implemented.

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