Friday, October 18, 2013

Kaphine's Vegas Adventure

Good Day All,
This is my adventure in Las Vegas, to attend Eve Vegas 2013!
I just meet CCP Praetorian in the lobby of the RIO! It is only 3:15 and I have already met half a dozen players!

Played roulette with Mark726 was winning, and then we saw CCP Guard and CCP Arrow took the picture! Me and CCP Arrow will have words and he will tell me how bad my ideas are! Thanks, Salid for giving me the confidence I need!

Then there was Doom Chinchilla, I thanked him for the Shadow Cartel drop the other day, he was in his signature Rorqual, to scoop the dead SCUM. Dread! This is for you!

Everyone and I mean everyone started showing up to the pub crawl and was getting so drunk I could not remember everyone that I met! The big ones that stuck out in my mind are Chribba, The Mittani, and CCP Fozzie! Then I jumped of the Stratosphere. Zapa is the Man!

Then the even coordinators had four people volunteer to jump off! I was one of the four! That was my first night at an EVE event! WOW!

The next morning was check-in and onward to the festivities!

Got my Tempest and Codes and first drop of loot!

Then onward to Breakfast with WAFFLES eating WAFFLES!

Now it is time for Jared to lose his Sh!t,I meet Chribba in the flesh! Chribba 

Now onward to the main event!

There were multiple talks, about the future of EVE, to include Dust 514 and EVr Valkyrie.  There was the subject of UI (User Interface) being on the table for discussion. Below are pictures of prototype or concept ideas.

These pictures don't do what I saw justice but a cleaner, better UI is at the forefront of making this beautiful game, "flow", just as beautifully.

5 VS. 5

My first time playing DUST 514. CCP Set up a 8 v 8.

When I got home this was my total drop, also because my Collector's Edition arrived!!!!


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