Friday, October 25, 2013

Venture Roam, Best Roam

For fuck's sake...

Despite relatively few of my Alliance mates showing up, the Venture roam on Wednesday was a resounding success!

Behold, the fucking glory.

And this time I'm not being sarcastic. We all fit Ventures however we wanted, I went with this:

Dem rails. Requires all 4 Genolution implants, btw.. or some 5% hardwirings.

We wandered back and forth between Ladistier and Fliet in our 5-man Venture gang looking for targets. Somehow James died on the OMS gate to our frienemies, Soul Takers. He didn't return, sadly.

We continued on our quest, toying with a destroyer, faction and assault frigate gang in Fliet for a bit, before pulling back to Ladistier. A couple cocksuckers kept warping around and cloaking in a Punisher and Kestrel, because that's what 1337 FW PVP'ers do, after all. They joined for PVP and stayed for the button orbits, so pro.

Anyway, we caught sight of a Pixi guy and chased him a couple jumps into Abune, where my glorious Venture grabbed his black ass on a gate. We killed him after a couple losses and me personally having to warp out 3 times. For whatever reason, my fleet mates could not grasp the idea that they have +2 to warp strength on their fucking Ventures.

How fucking hard is that to understand? 100% to mining and gas harvester yield, assholes!!!!
Also, Arunis had to be the special kid in a non-Venture, so when he was scrammed/webbed he was fucked.

But anyway, not warping even though you can is better than 1/2 the Corp that showed up last night (Thursday) for the roam... that happened 24 hours prior. After letting people know that we would be using the calendar back when we announced scheduled ops, it appears people STILL don't understand the whole GMT thing... despite playing the game for several years.

[ 2013.10.25 00:23:38 ] Reg'nar > wtf is a venture........
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:47 ] Burseg Sardaukar > Venture
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:51 ] Antcent Kaff > ^ mining
[ 2013.10.25 00:23:51 ] Burseg Sardaukar > roam was yesterday

[ 2013.10.25 01:19:22 ] ColRelentless > is that venture roam tonight
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:33 ] Huntin4Cloud9 > facepalm
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:55 ] Burseg Sardaukar > no, it was last night
[ 2013.10.25 01:19:56 ] Reg'nar > NO. don't you check the calender? jeez
[ 2013.10.25 01:20:01 ] ColRelentless > fuck

[ 2013.10.25 01:24:29 ] Kain Lugo > 6 min till the venture roam starts right ?
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:33 ] Kain Lugo > kidn kidn XD
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:34 ] Kain Lugo > lol
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:37 ] ColRelentless > ^ see
[ 2013.10.25 01:24:41 ] ColRelentless > lulz
[ 2013.10.25 01:26:08 ] Burseg Sardaukar > u nubs

It's all good, though. Confusion cleared up. New roam Sunday, SHIELD AF's (and below).

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