Thursday, November 28, 2013

CCP Seagull's Vision - My Hopes

For fuck's sake...

CCP Seagull has been describing a grand vision she has for EVE's future, ever since last fan fest. In a recent article, CCP Pokethulu (David Reid, the marketing guy) gave a larger peak into some of the pieces of that vision.

He explains that the Ghost Sites introduced in Rubicon, the newest expansion of EVE, are the first steps towards capsuleers moving into new space through the use of player-constructed star gates. There are hints that the player-made implants that can be constructed from components found in these Ghost sites will be required to use the player-made gates to get to this new region of space. Whether that means we'll all need to be stocking up on Ascendancy implants, or if new ones are in the pipe is yet to be determined.

Now, since there are still a lot of questions to be answered about this player-made gate tech and even where it will be take us and what space will be like once we get there, I figure its time for me to outline my "grand vision" of this space.

What is it?

A new galaxy, similar to Anoikis (w-space), with no connections between systems and maybe some fun space phenomenon like w-space systems. It will have familiar star systems, with planets, moons, anomalies, belts, etc, but it could be fun to see binary or trinary systems, or even rogue planets with no star at all. Maybe super-massive gas giants with mine-able rings just drifting in the dead space between solar systems could be found.

How will we get there?

At first, wormholes should be the only means of getting there. And more specifically, only wormholes from Anoikis. The systems themselves should not have wormhole access between each other, nor should they have wormholes directly back to New Eden. Anoikis should be the junction through which all travel between the new galaxy's systems must be done. This boosts w-space and ensures their deep involvement in this expansion of space, instead of sidelining them.

What will the space be like?

As much customization as possible should be permitted in a system. Sov should be gained, with all the current sov bonuses. Claiming/losing it should be different than the current Dominion system, which rewards large numbers blobbing strong structures and should be based off of activity in the systems.

Through sov, new system upgrades can be installed that have been begged for on the forums for years: Enable/Disable local chat, disable cloaking devices, and maybe throw in some defensive/offensive bonuses for the sov-holder. Also, through sovereignty, an Alliance should be able to finally construct gates back to New Eden. These gates must be a massive undertaking, but should be allowed to be constructed from lowsec to nullsec. In addition, the gates should be permitted to bridge the new galaxy's systems together. An interesting mechanic would be to make these gates standing-dependent or use a fuel source per jump.

Cynos should be permitted in the new galaxy, but the distance between it and New Eden should restrict capitals from jumping from one to the other. This would mean that new capitals (and super capitals) that are constructed in the new galaxy are "stuck" there. That way, existing null blocks can not easily plow into the new space and expand their already massive empires.

What about lore/NPCs?

I would love for this galaxy to be the Milky Way and the NPCs to be Terrans, or what has become of them over the last 30 or so thousand years. They should be extremely hostile, and killing them should be very difficult. They should attack randomly, including structures in space, and their drops/salvage should be keys to new weapons and new player-made structures (gates, modular POS's, new sov crap to shut off local, monuments, etc).


My desire is that this new galaxy be a form of reboot for nullsec, along with mechanics in place to aid "the little guy" while dissuading large blocks from holding the entire space, or the most valuable space. New supers should be allowed to be constructed, but have to remain in the new galaxy. It could be possible that large clusters of supers attract pissed off Terrans that begin to spawn exponentially if things get too out of hand. Huge swaths of space should be attacked regularly by the NPC's for a huge entity to realistically hold. Again, exponentially increasing assaults if an empire is grabbing up too much space. Include with this new restrictions on cynos (mass limits) to avoid totalhelldeath being jumped into a singular system all at once with only a single guy lighting it, and it makes this new space much more interesting for the small groups to move to.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Gospel of Eve, Pt. XI: Fortunatum Gratulatio

Whenever you are lost in space, tired, damaged, alone. you can always take comfort to know that someone is watching you. It may not be a physical entity, or a friendly pilot, but His eyes are watching you. But when you are down, broken, and all hope is lost, you can always count on one word of truth for guidance, salvation, hope: the Gospel of Eve.

Part XI: Fortunatum Gratulatio! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

The is the Gospel according to Selina Crendraven...

First letter to the members of Basgerin Pirates:

Snuggle, love-bunnies! Oh, how we have missed you!

I tingle with anticipation in my lady-man parts! Far too long it has been since we rubbed our loving bodies together. I miss the raw flesh we left on our tight, waxed back-sides. I shiver with pleasure when I remember the rough, passionate times we spent together.

But oh, my loves, it has become far too much to bare. I need your love and attention. I stand before you erect with my lady-like virility ejaculating from my soul. I have prayed that the cherubs would guide my love-arrow straight betwixt your buttocks. And lo, my prayers have been answered! I sure do hope my token of passionate man-handling has reached you in good health. Today, with the helps of aids, I have spread upon your erect forms and left a lasting impression much like the burning, recurring love you had spread upon me. And what better time to address my throbbing passion, than on the day we think to give thanks and spend it with those we love? I sure do hope you enjoy my gift and spend such a loving day with every solid inch of me. 

Until then, I will be thinking of you!

Your loving maiden,

Selina Crandraven
Transcribed by Lord SphinctAnus RectAnus


Friday, November 8, 2013

There WILL be Blood!

     This expansion will be different, not because of the tools that are being introduced, but what we can do with these tools once they are seeded. Ghost Sites will be the portal to where the goodies are!  Implants, BPC's, meta items, and materials will be some of the loot found at these sites. I will start with the depots, there will be 3 types of Mobile Depots.   Not a huge difference between the three, its a can, that floats in space + fitting service (30 days gone forever)!

Dark Drifter brought me to the system where they seeded the new Ghost Sites!!! He wrote plenty about it on the forums! I would direct you there, not to steal his thunder.  He was the first!  But I have Pictures! Hazzzah!

I want this post to be very raw and lazy not editing all of the pictures and tryng to waste your day!

Once you HACK the can and play through the game, you have to scoop the cargo/ goodies!

Fail at a Hack and you will take damage when the can blows up! No second chances! 
Have your skills on point or die :-D.  This and the Watchman (Rats that spawn) Will scam and web you!  You can tank their fury in a tanked cruiser or higher....

A new type of defense node.

I knew you where expecting this, I didn't want that ship anyway..... 

Got ONE!!!! Like a boss!!! It only took me about 5+ Sites before I got this drop.

I was prediction about Carbon and Hydrogen Batteries being in the recipe for these implants was completely wrong.  PI is needed who knew.....