Friday, November 8, 2013

There WILL be Blood!

     This expansion will be different, not because of the tools that are being introduced, but what we can do with these tools once they are seeded. Ghost Sites will be the portal to where the goodies are!  Implants, BPC's, meta items, and materials will be some of the loot found at these sites. I will start with the depots, there will be 3 types of Mobile Depots.   Not a huge difference between the three, its a can, that floats in space + fitting service (30 days gone forever)!

Dark Drifter brought me to the system where they seeded the new Ghost Sites!!! He wrote plenty about it on the forums! I would direct you there, not to steal his thunder.  He was the first!  But I have Pictures! Hazzzah!

I want this post to be very raw and lazy not editing all of the pictures and tryng to waste your day!

Once you HACK the can and play through the game, you have to scoop the cargo/ goodies!

Fail at a Hack and you will take damage when the can blows up! No second chances! 
Have your skills on point or die :-D.  This and the Watchman (Rats that spawn) Will scam and web you!  You can tank their fury in a tanked cruiser or higher....

A new type of defense node.

I knew you where expecting this, I didn't want that ship anyway..... 

Got ONE!!!! Like a boss!!! It only took me about 5+ Sites before I got this drop.

I was prediction about Carbon and Hydrogen Batteries being in the recipe for these implants was completely wrong.  PI is needed who knew.....