Friday, December 6, 2013

Dust514 Uprising 1.7 Bombardment Changes (And my rage)

For fuck's sake...

Tuesday, December 10, marks the launching of Uprising 1.7 for Dust514. With it comes tweeks to vehicles, a couple new rifles, entirely redesigned Factional Warfare match mechanics, bah blah blah... and new rules for EVE-side bombardments! While the rest of the crap if readily available on the last Dust and EVE devblogs on the subject, a piece is missing from the "surface." That being the limitations imposed on Faction Warfare EVE-side bombardments. And I'm fucking pissed.

New Bomardment Mechanics

The gist of the new mechanics are awesome, of course. Instead of having to park our happy asses at a beacon in space, waiting for a bombardment request from the infantry on the ground (which may never come if the team can't get enough WP's because they suck), the fleet now "earns" bombardments for their respective side by staying connected to a district, uncontested, for 3 minutes. We still have to wait for the guys on the ground to call the bastard in, but that's where the new voice channel comes in handy! When connected to the district, the pilots in space are added to the team voice of the match on the ground automatically. We can now know exactly when an OB will be called in.

If a hostile (I assume only a pilot affiliated with the other "team," not a random neutral) lands within 10km of the beacon, the progress towards earning the bombardment will be paused until the threat is removed or you get whelped and lose control. Awesome, more PVP for the PVP'ers! This will curb fly-by bombardments where a pilot from a less-than-good Alliance will fly to the district and drop rounds as quickly as possible and fuck off, regardless of the presence of hostiles on the beacon. We are MORE than familiar with this style of bombardment through our last deployment to Molden Heath.


NOW - the rage part! To bombard for PC you have to be in the Alliance of the District owner or attacker, which is well and good... for the most part. However, for Faction Warfare, ONLY militia members can bombard into the match. If I, being the bad ass bombardier that I am, wish to fly into Old Man Star, braving the Soul Taker gate camp and sit in orbit of a district for 3 minutes, completely exposed, I will not be allowed to bombard for my guys on the ground. This is absolutely bullshit, for several reasons:

  1. Dust players can jump from faction to faction, willy-nilly and fight for whomever they want at any time. EVE Alliances/Corporations do not have this luxury. This means the mercenary aspect of the Dust guys will be hindered if they wish to swap sides to someone that has a more lucrative offer for them and want their Alliance/Corporation to help from orbit.
  2. If Dust members of a corp are perfectly fine fighting for a single Faction, there is no long-lasting penalty for them. They could still jump to a different faction and fight, for reduced LP, of course. On the EVE-side, the Alliance/Corporation that joined a Faction JUST to help their Dust guys on the ground are restricted from 1/2 of empire, and will be taking standings penalties to the opposing faction if they engage in all the activities of the war. These penalties have far greater consequences, including permanent exclusion from 1/2 of empire space if standings drop too far.
  3. Due to the two factors above, EVE players must make a much greater sacrifice to engage in the "pinnacle" of cross-game activities, being orbital strikes. Since it is EVE player base that is larger, older (game-age, not RL age), and more negative towards its counterpart, CCP should not be restricting interaction between the games by imposing limitations of this type.
During the voice discussion that occurred between EVE/Dust players and CCP Nullarbor, I presented my displeasure towards this mechanic. I've also been quite vocal on the Dust and EVE forums about it. The ONLY valid response I've heard from the Dev/CSM/CPM team is:

"We want pilots connected to the districts, supporting an opposing team, to be viable targets to Faction Warfare participants."

That's all well-and-good, I get it, but the solution is SIMPLE:

  • If I connect to a district in Faction Warfare space as a non-FW member, flag me as suspect!

Crimewatch 2.0 had such a great rework to the aggression mechanics, USE THEM. Flagging a pilot suspect not only allows the opposing Faction to attack them without sec loss, but also the same faction can kill me for trying to deny them LP. I'm not saying that I should earn LP from bombarding, either. I don't care about that stuff. I'm there for my boys, not for payouts. Just let me drop the fucking rounds, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Not to mention, if this was expanded to allow any person to connect to the districts, pick a side, this could allow brand-new EVE players the ability to see the growing connection between Dust and EVE. It might actually motivate them to get a used PS3 (when all the PS4 players return them to Gamestop) and try it out. Or even drive new players into Faction Warfare to earn LP from the bombardments. SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL AND CAPS RAGE.

FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Seriously, this time. FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!


How are the two gaming communities supposed to get closer together, when an entity like my Alliance, which have been a hybrid Dust/EVE Alliance since Dust's Beta, can't even support my guys wherever they go? My quote from the EVE: Second Decade Edition still hold true.

Be jelly of my nail polish. And freakishly feminine hands.

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