Monday, December 2, 2013

Operation #takingbackseyllin - SUCCESS

For fuck's sake...

Tso's has moved back home, FULL FORCE.

Achievement Unlocked: Most consecutive kills for Tso's w/out a failcascade.
We began Operation #takingbackseyllin November 26th, assuming the POCO's were set to the same exact off-time (~1700 EVE Time) that they were when we redeployed to Molden Heath back in late September. Our intention was to reinforce the structures Tuesday night, so they'd come out in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner on that following Thursday, forcing the American Basgerins to choose between family or internet spaceships. We, thankfully, have no lives here in General Tso's and were totally going to be there to finish them off. (edit: we totally weren't, lol).

You can imagine our surprise when we were hitting 3 POCO's simultaneously per siege cycle and each one was scheduled to come out in exactly 24 hours! What was this sorcery??

As a result, I sent out another CTA (because we are all super-serial and crap now) and told everyone we were in for a good 6 hours of sieging, weeks before we were actually going to remove the structures.

On Christmas, of course.
The following night, we shipped into mostly ABC's, with some assholes being prepared for some hardcore PVE, from the looks of it, and began our siege. We took each POCO as quickly as they dropped out of reinforced, and half-way through the epic grindfest, Shadow Cartel said hello, in a way only they (and by "only they" I mean rich people with Titans) can! <3 SC!

Holy shit, we killed the cynos, YES! ...and lost a billion ISK. Op success.
Oh, those bastards are stealing our Venture thunder, too. Using Titans and everything...

But anyway, the only Basgerin to actually show up and do something, besides Mrchris in his looting Helios, was DR BiCarbonate. He played it smart, picking off stragglers during the sieges, and was even at the warp-in when my alt landed to upgrade a new POCO. I managed to upgrade the structure while dying, but well played, Dr, well played. Thankfully Colt showed up in a Rapier out of nowhere to web down the 100MN AB madness that Basgerins are so fond of, and we killed the Loki.

After that, he politely congratulated us and moved on his merry way. With PO3tank gone from Basgerins, I'd have to say one of the only one of the group I still have respect for is the good DR. The rest of BPOG were uncharacteristically silent all three nights, I'm assuming its because there's nothing to shit talk about when you are getting your ass stomped, and children only know how to speak on the internet in smack.

We knocked down all but one structure that night, finishing the last one off on Thanksgiving itself. We maxed out fleet around 40 the first night and even had an incredible 25 or so show for the last structure. All-in-all I'm extremely proud of Tso's and can't wait to see where we head next.

All that being said, my epic plan of blue-balling the Basgerins by deploying to MH in support of our Dust guys, followed by scheduled roams to bolster activity, and THEN finally moving home when Basgerin's activity was at an all-time low came to fruition. I rule. Having GIANT and friends to join our ranks after months of prodding was icing on the cake, of course, more on that stuff in a Dust blog.

P.S. It is worth noting that we accomplished in 3 days what took Bagserins 6 weeks.


  1. The next phase will be the best phase...

  2. Mark your calenders. Burseg actually said something nice about us....


  4. Brusanan the eternal optimist....