Friday, November 21, 2014

Load Blown

I started this exploration run like every other, drunk and unafraid.  I undocked in Klingt and ran a Ghost site...\o/ I really thought that was the drop of the night. (Mid-Grade Ascend Epsilon).  Jumped into Weld and found this little guy.

I found my way into the site, I heard form a lot of people that were hacks were hard and although I have to agree, it was do able.

I failed my first hack at this can, it started spewing gasses so I burned away.....that's the "trick to this site" burn away from the damage.

ALL of the clouds will damage you.  The blue/green/teal ones will push out a consistent damage.  The Yellow cloud is the one with the can that you need to suppress to turn off the damage so you can blitz the FAT CAN.

Total Drop:
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 10
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 3
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 3
Polarized Light Neuron Blaster X 3

Estimated Market price at time of Drop...2.1B

Remember manually fly around the clouds of damage, do the best that you can with the hacks, scoop what you can and yes you can cargo scan.



Monday, October 27, 2014


This is a General Tso's Alliance News update:
Brought to you by the General Tso's propaganda subdivision.

The Russian Horde Has Arrived In MH!

Yes pilots of General Tso's this is no hoax, the Russians have moved into the region of Molden Heath and have set up a base of operations in the system of Hrokkur.  This is no cause for alarm however as sources say we have only engaged in light border skirmishes with the enemy.  But do not think that this seemingly cold war could not heat up in a moments notice!  We must be vigilant and we must be strong!

The enemy has implemented scare tactics, we must be strong!  We must not let their propaganda dishearten us from our path to righteousness!

[ 2014.10.22 20:49:26 ] Ael Dae > look into this again and again

Above I have provided you with an Example of Rust415 scare tactics!

Look long and hard my fellow pilots!  To the untrained eye this may look like a successful Nyx Supercarrier kill executed flawlessly by our adversary!  But wait there is more!  Our expert analysis team has hi-lighted our enemies mistake!  They did not in fact kill the mighty beast they were merely present for its destruction!

This would not be a news update ladies and gentlemen if we did not use sources of our own.  After the Nyx propaganda we decided to do some digging into Rust415's kill board stats. This is what we found:

Rust415's KB

As you can see the ever so important ISK efficiency rating is a whopping 43.2%.  

Do not be afraid pilot, be aware, be confident, and be strong!

When interviewed about the brewing conflict Rust415's CEO had this to say:

[ 2014.10.22 20:23:24 ] Ael Dae > this base are belong to us now

We then asked how he thinks he will fair breaking off from well known Russian alliance RA:

[ 2014.10.22 20:38:53 ] Ael Dae > we are on our own
[ 2014.10.22 20:38:36 ] Ael Dae > RA is dead and rotten

Our last question was how he feels overall about the sexual orientation of General Tso's he had this to say:

[ 2014.10.22 20:40:09 ] Ael Dae > wowow stop it gayshit is not appreciated here, we have girls

Gay shit is not appreciated here.  Not only have they desecrated the holy region of Molden Heath, they flung the very principle our alliance was forged with into the mud.  

War is on the horizon fellow pilots it is only a matter of time.

This has been a General Tso's Alliance News Update.

-Charles Issier signing off o7.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Crumbs....

In this blog I give a very simple explanation, with the direction of Eve is going.  This isn't a new idea, But CCP Seagull's current vision of where Eve Online should go.

The "Nerf Bat" will be coming hard with Jump Fatigue.  Jump fatigue is a new mechanic will severely limit the deploy-ability of Capitals, for forward projection. Limiting their jump range and employing a cool down makes them oodles slower.  By making them more stationary there will be much more suited for defense of held territory than projection, intel will move more quicklier than these slow capital fleets.

Because of this loss of  abilities CCP now allows Capitals to use Jump Gates! \o/ People will immediately see this as the troll against the Jump ability.  Like a back handed compliment, you can't have that, but you can have this..... But looking at the larger picture of the chapters that are unfolding this is exactly what the players need.

Player made Star Gates, are coming, soon(tm) and CCP is going to have to deploy them very carefully. Some of my tinfoil hattery includes the following....

~An underground network of Star Gates owned in null and low that can connect major corporations/ alliances/ coalitions.  But this is very similar to the Jump network that already exists.

~Star Gates have a fuel (not sure what) that limits the size and amount of ships that enter. (Like BLops)

~Star Gate toll (Passive income for owners/creators) like a POCO tax for the users.

~Star Gates being able be destroyed in null and realigned to different solar systems. The players make their own New Eden.  You have to build two star gates simultaneously in both solar systems align then to each other, to online.

~Similar to the Ascendancy Set that will make ships warp faster, I see a set of plugs that will help huge ships align faster.  A travel clone for those big, slow boats.

*takes tinfoil hat off*

Fly Safe! o7


Monday, September 22, 2014

Gems in Space

Sugar Kyle,my CSM, fresh from the Summer Summit challenged those that read blog and followers of Reddit to give her feedback on the following subject:
 ~What do you use your POS for?
~How many?
~Why do you use a POS?
~What does POS ownership mean to you?
  Being the POS guru of SMERG and an advisor to other Corps in General Tso’s Alliance I felt it was my duty to share my feelings and our shared ideas. I have used a POS for everything in that you can use one for in EVE Online. I had a string of POS’s that moon mine and produced simple and complex reactions. In another set up, we were coping and inventing blueprints and constructing T2 Ships. I have conducted sieging operations and had multiple POS’s destroyed. With each POS I lost I continued to learn lessons, special expensive lessons. But only expensive in the aspect of TIME! It takes too long in EVE to construct a POS, than to see it destroyed more quicklier(inside joke) by a Dread Fleet(It literally takes 30 minutes to anchor a large POS).

  When developing our moon goo operation it felt like had to reverse engineer Eve. I started with the Moon Minerals, the common ones R-4’s are blue and the rest are yellow-orange. Not a color scale to make it easy to read, the same color from R-8’s to R-64’s. Than using the exact same Icon for simple and complex reactions I then, had to match each mineral to each reaction. The only color variation came when the recipe for complex reactions was more of the beautiful color yellow (again). Configuring my POS properly and improperly linking my Silos to my Reactors may have cost me 100M isk, but I eventually figured it out. NO WHERE in EVE does it tell you that reactions take 1 hour, only after a couple of cycles of churning does one ‘figure it out”. The info tabs remain bare and colors are bland and best, overhaul is needed.

  I was dumb founded when siphon units were released. I was so simple, drag, drop, get moon goo. This was too simple, then came the rage. As the victim, to man up my POS guns with that OLD SQUARE. To target the siphon, and pop the siphon unit in one volley was ugly and frustrating. The release of all of the mobile modules raised my heart rate, it got me excited, and ushered in the need for the change. But the change hasn’t come.

  Modulator Player Own Stations have been talked in circles as long as I have ever heard of POS’s. The concept is simple, but I see the complexity in the delivery. Do you scale up and create a sliding scale(like a stacking penalty ) to the modules providing more powergrid and CPU? Do you make X-Large POS’s a thing, and allow more flexibility with fitting. Can you Rig a POS to add more powergrid and CPU with the exchange of a penalty? I say YES to all of the above.

 Here is my argument in one sentence: " If CCP can create and deliver the “simple” system of creating and making T3 cruisers they can fix POS’s." *Drops Microphone*
R/ Kaphine

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Murdering (with) Mining Ships

For fuck's sake...

Double the Covert Ops, Double the Lulz

We are big fans of using unconventional ships for PVP here at General Tso's Alliance, and this is no secret. The fairly-new Prospect is no exception!

Sweet little breakdown, courtesy
I put together a fit that I liked quite a bit the day I was able to sit in the ship (which was day one of Kronos, since I'm a fucking baller and got Mining Frigate V in preparation... on both toons). Anyway, it looks like this:

Damage projection beyond targeting range. #ProAsFuck

I chose rails because I wanted to keep out of web/scram range on most targets, while maintaining as high of DPS as possible. Lacking the drones of the Venture, all the damage must come from guns, so my first inclination was Scorch-fit pulse lasers, but I didn't quite get the range I desired, which is about 15 km. The rest of the close-range weaponry was out of the question at this point, so I went with railguns.

Fit with Spike S, you can hit for full damage all the way out to the ships' max targeting range of 25km. This range is the biggest drawback that I've found with the ship, but, considering the ability to cloak and sneak up on a target, you can dictate the range yourself.

Now, the blog title mentions "Double Covert Ops." This doesn't mean fitting 2 cloaks - nope, not at all. The added layer of stealth attack comes in the form of CCP's lazy implementation of adding new ships to the game:


Yup, that's right. Over the last week I've helped ambush a Tornado, a pair of Vexors, a Cormorant (+ pod), and even an Ishtar simply because CCP never adds new ship classes to a player's overview when they add them to the game!

So, go forth, my minions of mining and harvest the tears of those that never thought of adding "Prototype Expedition Frigate" to their overviews! Harvest the kills/tears before people catch on!

Hulkageddon Flashbacks

About a week ago, I was returning back to Gelfiven from the various bombardment ops we had scheduled when I scanned around 10 Hulks in Fegomenko, a 0.5 station-less system in the hisec pocket of Molden Heath. I reminisced about the days of Hulkageddon IV (the last good Hulkageddon) where I would blow through hisec, -10 security status, in a smartbombing Typhoon onto a gaggle of unsuspecting Mackinaws chewing away at some Gallentean ice field.

It was a strange thing to see on scan, in this day of Battleships EHP Skiffs/Procurers and AFK-themed Retrievers/Mackinaws. I mentioned it on comms, and, to my surprise, everyone was motivated to smartbomb the living shit out of them. I had Kaphine scout them out in his Viator, and he confirmed they were clustered in a ball, going from belt to belt with Orca and even Providence support like a swarm of carebear locusts.

In response, a fleet of four of our battleships (myself, MP2008, Roale and Charles) blitzed through the couple lowsec systems, into the pipe, then staged one jump out, waiting in anticipation for the call to warp to 0 on Kaphine. I was rigid and moist with anticipation. In the pants. Like.. a penis and vagina... fuck you.

Then it came: "Jump! Jump! Jump!" We aligned and warped as a fleet, dragging our "fast tackle" (nam/nick) along with the ball of fiery death. As soon as we landed, we lit off the smartbombs, killing every Exhumer and their pod long before Concord could even land on grid. After the mayhem, a solitary stealth bomber decloaked, attempting to pop/scoop loot, he was executed by a suicide gank provided by Dark Drifter.

Overkill - otherwise we'd fuck it up.
The corp wallet reimbursed sec tags to help the gankers recover any lost sec status, and since none of us are hurting for ISK, nothing of value was lost.

Oh, and I Fraps'd the whole thing and posted it to YouTube. Hooray for me!

Watch for the "gf"! I'm nothing if not polite in PVP.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Burseg: The Man, the Myth, and Magic Player!

Who is Burseg and who do we think he is?

I know you want to know and your getting moist....

Well he could probably fit this many wieners in his mouth!

Magic: The Gathering and Guns!

He has a "social" life, he likes to play in his band with his bother. Enjoys camping and plays games other than EVE!! Planetside and  Battlefield 2124.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hidden Message in Ghost Sites

I have been running Ghost Sites (Covert Research Sites) since before they came online.  As an explorer. I not only figured out how to run the efficiently but I have died more times than i can count running them. Covert Research Sites were brought to the players of EVE to be the first step in ushering the new chapter of the new dawn.  CCP Seagull's vision was not only and inspiration to the players of EVE, but a motivation to built a better sandbox together. The only two components that dropped from these sites are Shattered Villard Wheels, and Covert Research Tools.

Only the Shattered Villard Wheels had a use in EVE, as part of the construction of the precious Ascendancy set of augmentations allowing you to increase your warp speed to any ship!  Warp speed in EVE is the most precious resource because it equates to time. The less time you spend "in warp" the more efficient your PLEX and/ or subscription time is.  Also, from a tactical standpoint you want to get in and out of a fight as fast as possible!

With the release Kronos there came another use for this limited drop, Hyperspatcial Accelerators.  Hyperspatical Accelerators are a low slot modification to allow your ship to warp faster.  If you were to double down on both the Ascendancy's and the warp accelerators it makes your life as a hauler doing any type of logistics a lot easier!  Besieged Research Facilities are also a new anomaly that seed the much wanted painted ships but also drop those useless Covert Research Tools as well.  WTF?  I don't want stupid tools give me the wheels that i need to make me rich!

Crius is the next expansion bringing revolutionary change to industry.... but then i saw this little guy, a little devil in the details.

So, CCP you are now going to introduce a POS module that allows TECH 2 / TECH 3 / and Capital construction ONLY in low sec!!!  My only question is this ....where are these going to drop?



After a PC with Sugar Kyle

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bread Crumbs

It's hard to ignore the facts when they are staring at you in the face.
Let's start at the beginning a few expansions ago and major fixes and also think about CCP Seagulls Vision.

This picture/ graphic says it all! The next expansions are coming and what they are doing!

I watched the Prophecy trailer and I thought that was cool. There are very unique things that happen that you don't realize that they happen.

An exploding star behind a station  looks neat, but when are stars distructable?

Constructing a THE GATE with an EMP radius..not a jump gate ..a different kind of gate..once the gate is turn on, it stayed on fulfilling a prophecy.  One activated the gate kills all of the creators or ships on field.  This gate was also in the Rubicon trailer in the Ghost site.

Troop space flying in the fleet and landing onboard spacecraft, or the gate.  For control?
In the 2014 Fanfest Keynote they show the space elevator again..dicks.

Overall this is just speculation and half educated guesses about the future of EVE... But it's hard to not hope for some of these futures.


Monday, May 12, 2014

EVE: Legion and the Future of the Sandbox

CCP's new "Project Legion" gives us the ability to look at the last couple years of Dust514 development and use our perfect 20/20 hindsight to see where things went wrong. I think a big pain point is the current iteration of Planetary Conquest. While awesome in theory (Dust players owning districts, bombardments from EVE, bonuses that affect EVE and Dust, strategic planning, huge potential for backstabbing, complex metagame), the application sort of falls short.

Current Problems

Under the current system, the game mode favors passive ISK accumulation over risk. It also takes an existing lobby game mode with team count limits, time limits (in the form of MCC health) and run-of-the-mill arbitrary objective capturing. It also allows the defenders to consolidate all the players from a specific time zone into a single, then pick a reinforcement timer that is inconvenient for the rest of the player base, and then grab half the land, so they can sit unopposed on their mountain of ISK.

Enter Legion's Sandbox Mode

I propose coupling the proposed sandbox mode for lowsec/NPC null and Planetary Conquest into a single entity. It would allow for players to explore districts owned by corporations, killing NPC's for ISK and looting NPC wrecks for items to sell. The district owners would be able to receive a flat tax on activities within this district as a means of generating income. Players that want a piece of that action could then attack the district outright during a new, improved, dynamic, Vulnerability Window.

Hopping Around New Eden

Moving in EVE is a pain in the ass, thus CCP created jump clones to help alleviate some of that. They have an added benefit of saving implants, but that's not the part that's important to dust. CCP also limited this movement by adding a cool down timer to restrict players form hopping back and forth across the galaxy every few minutes.

Movement needs to be permitted in Dust, as location is a key component in my concept for the Sandbox. Dust players should have more freedom of choosing where their starting system is, following the jump clone philosophy, and the time restriction should be in place, as well as an ISK cost to traverse the distance. I've worked out that any clone transfers should be restricted to 10,000 ISK per jump, simulating the potential risk involved when flying through New Eden as an EVE pilots (suicide ganks, gate camps, smartbombing on gates, war targets hunting you down, incursion NPC's snagging you, etc). Going from there, we can work into the mechanics of deploying to a battlefield. Consolidating your corporation into tactically advantageous systems now is beneficial.

When launching into a Sandbox zone, this 10,000 ISK/jump will be calculate based off of the "home" location of your clone. If you deploy with a squad, you will pay your own fare. If you don't have the ISK, you will not be permitted to deploy. Whether this blocks the whole squad's deployment, allowing interesting grief potential, or just disallows you to launch as an individual is a minor detail to look into/debate. Also, there should be a timer, ~30 seconds per jump that should be built into the system, to avoid rapid-fire deployments. This can be skipped if tactically critical, but the price-per-jump should skyrocket to counter balance it the ease.

When entering a Sandbox district, each member of the squad brings with them 5 clones that are added to your group's clone count. If your squad is part of a platoon (more on this later), these initial clones are the starting pool for the platoon. You will drop into the battle zone into a random area of the fully-expanded map. No red zone, no MCC's, much freedom... wow.

An example of the options for going 10 Jumps to System X:
1) Cost: 100,000 ISK (10,000 per jump) Time: 5 Minutes (30 seconds per jump)
2) Cost 1,000,000 ISK (100,000 per jump) Time: 0 Minutes
3) Cost: 0 ISK Time: 0 Minutes [EVE Pilot on District] (more on this later)

Freedom of Choice - Grind, Capture, Lurk, Harass

Now, if your squad only wanted to kill some NPC's and collect loot, a majority of your task is complete. You can run around the map, exploring, looking for NPC's to kill, and loot caches to raid. If you deployed with 5 squad members, your pool of clones is 25. Dying to NPC's will diminish that count, and respawning after the initial deployment can spawn you randomly (dropping from the sky) anywhere on the map. It is unwise to let your squad mates die. If your clone pool is emptied, you have no ability to reenter the district for free. You must wait for your squad leader to redeploy the squad, pay the bill, wait the applicable time, and reenter the district with the 5 clones per player a you had the first time.

If you like this district, your squad is part of a platoon, and the district is unclaimed, you can capture a CRU. Individuals and single squads can NOT capture structures, neutral or not. CRU's are randomly placed all over the district. Unclaimed CRU's start with a clone reserve of 25 clones, and accumulate clones at an unbonused (more on that with Surface Infrastructure) rate of 1 clone per CRU per minute up to an unbonused cap of 50 clones. They are immediately added to your platoon's clone pool and you can now spawn at this CRU. In addition, drop uplinks can be now be deployed as they pull from the closest CRU's clone supply. Now, if that CRU is taken by another platoon, the clones present in it are immediately transferred to the new owner and deducted from your clone count. Destroyed CRU's take their clones with them, adding them to no one's pool but removing them from their owner's. They will respawn at random intervals, dropping from the sky to a random place, and start out unclaimed with 25 clones. Once your platoon holds a majority of the CRU's on the district, ownership flips, and bonuses from the installed Surface Infrastructure immediately begin applying to you.

If a district is already claimed, and you want to take it, you must wait for their district to be vulnerable (more on this later) before you can capture any structures their Alliance owns. If it IS vulnerable, then all you have to do is capture a majority of the CRU's for the district to flip. Fluidity is key in this model, not a binary win/loss! The district should have the ability to flip back and forth rapidly until a platoon is ultimately pushed out of the district. They can then redeploy from station and try again, or redirect their efforts elsewhere.

Currently, the process of capturing CRU's is much too quick to fit into this PC model, and could lead to no fights and just drop ships flying from point to point with a scout constantly hacking. So their hacking method needs a rework. They should incorporate a timer, similar to that of the current null cannons, but the time to flip should escalate depending on the percentage of CRU's owned by the hacking platoon. If they already own a majority, the hack time needs to be painfully slow, so they are forced to defend the CRU's they own more than leap frogging with a scout swarm. Thanks to Maylar Snow for pointing out the potential for scout/DS spam!


Platoons are basically a group of squads. The squad leaders in the platoon must be all in the same Alliance. A squad leader can only form a platoon if they are given the role to do so. 

Platoons replace current team structure. There can be multiple platoons, individual players, or independent squads on a district, but they will all view each other as hostile. There can not be more than one platoon from a single Alliance deployed to a single district at a time, so it is critically important that roles are only given to those you trust, otherwise a single griefer could deploy into the district with a 1 man squad in a 1 squad platoon and block access to that district for your Alliance.

The squad leader that forms the platoon can invite other squads into it from his Alliance. Anything captured on a planet is done on behalf of the corporation that first formed the platoon, regardless of what corp the capturing player is in. Ringers are still permitted, but the squad leader MUST be a member of the Alliance that first formed the platoon. If a squad leader disconnects and no one in the squad is in the forming Alliance, the squad is removed from the platoon.

The limit of squads per platoon is up to CCP, but I'd like it to be at least 3. I'd also like to see there be no limit for number of platoons, single squads, or independent players on a district.

District Vulnerability (Death to One Hour Timers!)

At first I thought I didn't want any timers whatsoever, that a roaming gang can come along and just flip any ol' district whenever they felt like it. But that could lead to the burn-out problem I have with Planetside 2: Why am I capturing all this stuff only to have to be completely flipped when I log on again. So I thought about it, and came up with this:

  • A district is vulnerable whenever the owner has Corporation members operating within it.
  • The vulnerability window is 6 hours by default, starting the first time a Corporation member enters the district after downtime.
  • A district is also vulnerable 24 hours after the last Corporation member left it, to avoid districts being unused in an attempt to perma-lock them.
  • The vulnerability window is be reduced based off of friendly activity within the district!

That last part is the most important part of it all. Sitting on a district and not doing anything on it, leaves it HUGELY open to invasion. So, use it or lose it. It is also important to note that Alliance mates being present in the district can count towards the activity counter, but not towards triggering vulnerability. This allows multi-timezone Alliances to share districts for grinding without accidentally exposing each other to risk.

The activity should be defined as an ISK value that must be met every 30 minutes starting at the beginning of the vulnerability window, taking into account both PVP and PVE kills. If it is met, an hour is shaved off the end of the timer. If all quotas are met, the timer is only 2 hours wide and your Corp/Alliance was present and killing stuff the entire time, making use of the district. Hooray! Risk + effort = max rewards!

Why Own Districts (But What About My Passive ISK?)

Largely for bragging rights, and the ability to configure SI is a pretty good motivator as well, but inherent bonuses would be icing on the cake:

  • Ability to deploy to the district for free, instantly. Each spawn takes 1 from the clone count, however, so be wise.
  • Notifications when a force larger than a squad deploys to your district, or a ship enters orbit and connects. A single player or small recon squad should avoid detection. This motivates district holders to keep patrols rolling inside of their land, and doesn't discourage activity from the player base.
  • Ability for Alliance mates to deploy from anywhere to another district on the same planet instantly for 10,000 ISK.
  • Increased NPC payouts to Alliance members, increased loot drop chance.
  • Ability to set a tax on NPC's destroyed within the district, based on standings. (Up to 50%). This would be the primary "passive" ISK faucet for the corporation owning the district.

Surface Infrastructure

The existing SI mechanics are awesome if you are talking about sitting on a pile of clones and abstractly using a menu to deploy them from a storage facility of some kind onto an MCC that magically appears 24 hours later on a district. Instead, I'm opting to make the bonuses work for those fighting ON the districts as opposed to those that manage the money (read: steal it all and line their pockets).

Cargo Hub:
Increased capacity of friendly CRU's by 10 clones each. Applies system-wide. If a CRU is captured/owned in the same system as a friendly district with a Cargo Hub installed, it will have their max capacity increased from 50 up to a maximum of 100, depending on how many Cargo Hubs are owned and operational in the system. If a CRU is captured, and the capturing Alliance does not own a Cargo Hub in the current system, the clones will begin to diminish rapidly from their bonused amount down to 50. 

Production Facility:
Increased rate of friendly CRU clone production by 10 seconds per clone. Applies system-wide. If a CRU is captured/owned in the same system as a friendly district with a Production Facility installed, it will have their clone production speed decreased from 60 seconds up to a maximum of 30 seconds per clone. Also increases the rate at which destroyed CRU's respawn.

Research Lab:
Clones can be transferred instantly to any district within 5 jumps. 
In addition, starting clone counts are increased by 1 per player and jump cost is reduced by 1,000 ISK per jump if the district you deploy to is within the 5 jump radius of the Research Lab. These bonuses stack up to a max of 10 starting clones per player and 5,000 ISK per jump.

Ideas For Others:
More NPC drone spawns / Faster drone spawns / Stronger clones / Full map radar, possibilities are huge.

These bonuses should be capable of being disabled during the vulnerability stage of a district, and will remain offline for 6 hours after being disabled, regardless of transfer of district ownership. Disabling the bonuses should be done by hacking consoles inside of the Surface Infrastructure facility within the district. This can be similar to the way the current Null cannons work. Only when all the consoles are hacked and a countdown is completed (10 minutes), will the SI be disabled and bonuses no longer applied.

EVE Influence

Having an EVE pilot from your Alliance on the district before your squad deploys makes the third deploy option available. It can only be used once for the Alliance (either an individual or a squad) every thirty minutes, per district.

Also, having ships in orbit increases the starting clone pool depending on ship hull and number of ships connected. Combat ships should be less efficient, with haulers adding a bigger benefit:
Frigates - 10
Destroyers - 15
Cruisers  - 25
Battlecruisers - 35
Battleships - 50
Industrials - 75
The max added benefit should cap out around 150 clones. These ships must be connected to the district for the clones to remain in the pool. Destruction/disconnect of the ship should remove the clones from the platoon's pool and they cannot be regained. It's a one-time add, but easy loss.

Also, physical interaction needs to be expanded, greatly. The timer idea for OB's was great, but being able to do anything else (scan surface, jam enemy radar, etc) would be good as well. The OB timer should scale depending on the opposition, as well.

Oh, and this:

Benefits from owning districts EVE-side should not be tied to the surface infrastructure, either. Instead, district owning corporations should be permitted to anchor a mini-infrastructure hub on the district satellite where they can customize various bonuses that apply system-wide for the owners. The bonuses should vary more than POS-based benefits, including rat bounty payouts, greater mining yield, faster PI timers, faster blueprint research, quicker warp speeds, etc.

The hubs should be destructible, with a set reinforcement timer, like POCO's. Ownership over the structure should automatically flip to whoever controls the ground, so destroying them is for denial purposes only. Only the owner can swap out the upgrade selections, of course.

Closing Thoughts

My goal was to create a more fluid version of Planetary Conquest that penalizes inactivity, allows for smaller groups to harass or spy against bigger groups, permits multiple groups to fight it out against each other, allows continuous wars of attrition for hours, disconnects from the lobby-shooter team vs team mechanics, removes the desk job of clone movement/storage to attack/defend districts, and allow those that value high risk for high reward to sneak onto a player owned district to make some quick ISK while under the constant threat of being caught.

CCP Praetorian stated what he wants to spread the districts out "like butter" across all of New Eden to maximize EVE interaction. I hope that he does this to some extent, but I would like it if Molden Heath's district distribution was not changed. This is a personal desire, of course, but it would be interesting to the game if the spacing of Dust planets wasn't a flat 5 jumps in between each, all uniform and uninteresting. Clusters with several planets within a couple jumps, with Molden Heath being the most densely packed would make for different groups (EVE and Dust) to see how they fare when competition is right next door.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dust514 -> EVE: Legion

For fuck's sake...

CCP announced at fanfest last week that Dust514 on the PS3 will be evolving into a PC-based shooter currently named Project Legion.

The Fallout

This has, predictably, ruffled some feathers, but CCP has clarified the following:

These facts alleviate any stress I had over the situation, but people are still raging/quitting/biomassing.

There are a few legitimate complaints that I can understand:

  • CCP used the "Dust Keynote" to announced Legion, and had NO news as to what was being worked on for Dust514. I really wish I knew what the future of PC was and seriously hope that massive ISK printing press isn't being transferred to Legion in its current form.
  • The console porting of Legion is being seen as an afterthought, not a high priority. Not a concern of mine, but definitely for those that already own next-gen systems.
  • Dust514 for the PS3 will almost certainly be terminated once Legion is launched, so players that have no interest in moving across to PC or another console will have no future. Although, their options for new games is already dropping off considerably. I think the new Borderlands will be pretty sweet, but don't know what else they'd have beyond that...
  • Dust514 players were encouraged to buy tickets to fanfest only to see 0 news about the current game they already own and play. This really upset me, especially after that one emotional (but not true?) post on the forums.

Now, to cover the "illegitimate" (IMO) complaints:
CCP scammed us all with AUR (even up to a week before fanfest)!
You paid money for an experience, you received and experience. If you paid $ for AUR and received nothing, that's a scam, there's a big difference.

We only paid into the game b/c CCP said it had a 10 year road map!
And I paid $60 for Duke Nukem Forever, remembering how awesome the multiplayer was on N64 when I was growing up. Saying you deserve money back because a game isn't everything you dreamed it to be, or making an investment with hopes of always positive returns isn't how reality works. Some investments don't pan out. However, in this case, an investment IS going forward - just to another, more capable platform.

Just wait for the Star Citizen rage. I'm semi-chubbed thinking about that ocean of tears on the horizon.

The CPM KNEW! And should have told us, resigned, blew up CCP headquarters, etc. etc.
They are under NDA. That has real life legal ramifications if it is violated. Resigning wouldn't solve anything as they are the mouthpiece of the player base and, without them, CCP would just implement way dumber stuff and we'd be 100x more pissed off. Don't blame the CPM for CCP's announcement timeline. Blame them for using inside information and profiting from it...

A gaming PC is more expensive than a console.
CCP has said that they want the game's graphics to scale, so a top-end machine isn't necessary, and upgrading the machine is at least possible, unlike with consoles.

I game in a living room on a couch, not at a desk.
This is ridiculous, but should be addressed, I suppose. You can easily get a slimmed down computer (like those little Intel boxes CCP showed off @ the keynote) and plug that into the HDMI on a TV and get the same exact experience.

I don't want to buy a PC.
Seriously... who the fuck doesn't own a PC already? What is this 1995? I know I'm biased here, but seriously... wtf. There's really no way to address this, because some people just refuse to get with the program. I guess in one way this makes its a legitimate concern, but its face-palm inducing. It's usually from the crowd that would happily dump another $600 into a next-gen console only to have it be dumpster worthy in a few years.

NEW: H4X0Rz Issues With PC
I honestly think this will be a short-lived problem. The places where it will matter the most will be high-level competition game modes (PC/Tourneys), and players in those modes will need to be heavily invested (time-wise through SP accrual) and perma-banning those accounts will knock out months, if not years, of hard work. CCP could easily roll back the results of a PC match if any participant was cheating.

In pubs, it will matter much less, but still irritate players. This is where CCP needs to find a good balance in match making. Only an especially damaged, minuscule minority are going to want to keep scrapping SP accrual over and over just to stomp noobs in extended-academy matches. And that's coming from me, the guy that spent a disgusting amount of time suicide ganking miners during Hulkageddons.

I seriously don't see there being a problem in this department.

My Take

I sent a letter to my Alliance in an attempt to talk some reason into those that were on the ledge, but I'm certain there were those that tend to follow through with knee-jerk reactions and are already biomassed. Those people tend to overreact at dirty glances and end up in prison for assault, so I suppose they won't be in the community for too long anyway. I haven't received any notifications from within my corp of biomassing, however, so that's a good sign. A harder number to calculate would be those that just uninstalled the game and didn't even have the patience to sit through the biomass count down and will never be heard from again. The only way to track that would be to keep an eye on eve-offline As of this post, it finally appears that there is a dip in logged-in mercs, but its too soon to call it. I know I'll be doing a Dust night tonight, though.

Time will tell how this pans out with the community, but I know almost all of the hybrid EVE/Dust guys in my Alliance are super pumped for Legion, especially me. Now to see what new blood I can rope into the New Eden universe from RL!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

General Tso's 5th Anniversary

For fuck's sake...

We have reached a pretty large milestone, our motherfucking 5th Anniversary, bitch!

Preparation for Lulz

If it hadn't been for Selina and Salid pointing out that it was almost here, I probably would have let it past with little to no fanfare, to be completely honest. Thankfully they kept prodding me for ideas for what we should do for it.

Since Shadow Cartel had celebrated their 5th with a Venture-bridging, I figured we couldn't "just" do that, too, but I also wanted to do something out of the ordinary. We went with an INDUSTRY THEME!

Fleet membership was restricted to Exhumers, Mining Barges, Blockade Runners, Industrials, the Venture for those that couldn't fly anything else, and we even had Salid volunteer to play the noble role of fleet booster in his Orca.

Shadow Cartel were kind enough to offer us use of their Titan for our anniversary, so we gladly accepted this gift and parked our fleet on their POS. Meanwhile Selina scouted in his bait ship. He was flying a Gnosis because everyone apparently stopped falling for his Procurer, so he didn't quite fit in with the theme, but it was a necessary evil. The wait was a tad long, about 15 minutes or so, with all our ships parked on a technically-hostile tower. I made sure I was in empty pods on both my toons in the event that SC decided it would be more fun for them to warp a smartbombing battleships gang onto our fleet.

The Bridge of Industry

As I hit d-scan for about the 1000th time, Selina finally piped up on Vent:

"Okay... you guys ready? Cyno up! Bridge!"

In a flash, our gang of 20+ Industry ships launched through the warp tunnel onto a gate in Resbroko. There were several suspects engaging Selina's bait ship, with two Ospreys providing logistics support. Huntin4Cloud9 was in a logistics ship of his own: A Noctis, which boasted the most high slots in the fleet. We made very short work of the hostiles, and despite the powerful repping power of the Noctis, Selina's Gnosis fell, as did Charles, but no surprises there. While we looted the field, a curious Hurricane warped in at range, then made the mistake of warping to the star, which was tens of AU away from the battlefield. Since our warp speed was faster than that of his Battlecruiser, I commanded the fleet to warp at various ranges to the star, and most of the fleet was on field before he even exited warp. He was barraged with drones and fireworks until his hull could not handle the festivities any longer and exploded in ecstasy... or rage. We can't really be sure.

All in all we killed the Hurricane, two Ospreys, a Rupture, a Thorax, a Stabber, a Rifter, while only losing the Gnosis and a Nereus.

A Little Help, Here?

We went to station to dock, where everyone was given a chance for a piss break and to trade loot across. I told everyone to remain docked until we were all set to roll out again. Tricanis, being Tricanis, of course undocked and relayed intel that a Machariel was on the undock and was actively aggressing him. Someone did a quick check and discovered that this character has an Archon alt that he uses to bail himself out of tight spots when engaging on station (my favorite - station games!). So we all made a mad dash to undock and save Tricanis, and notified SC that there was potential for an Archon kill in additon to the Pirate Faction Battleship. Eventually the Archon did undock, but the Mach ceased fire and allowed himself to rep up, so the Archon would not inherit the full 60-second weapons lock timer. SC was on standby one jump out and waited for word that the Mach was aggressed WHILE the Archon was repping him. It took several minutes, but eventually that sequence occurred. SC jumped into system with a bunch of Attack Battlecruisers and blasted clear through the Archon reps and aided us in the murder of the Mach. We switched targets to the Archon, but only managed to get it to 20% structure before it was able to dock. Had we started with teh Archon, we might have killed the Carrier, but hindsight is what it is...

Aimless Wandering to Our Demise

We moved on from Resbroko and headed deeper through lowsec in search of fights. Eventually we ran across a system that appeared active, with a Megathron and several tech 1 cruisers on scan out and about. We tried baiting them in top belt of the system just myself in my Skiff and Salid in his Orca. They didn't bite. A scout came up from behind the rest of the fleet and must have relayed word that there was a mess of Industry pain awaiting them!

But, instead of just docking or shit talking in local, they rallied a fleet of Severance guys in various cruiser hulls and warped into the gate. There was a small mexican stand off between our fleet and theirs on one side of a gate until I made the call to "Just fucking jump through and be scattered, we aren't here to survive!"

And we most certainly did not. Survive, that is, of course we jumped. The hostiles pursued and immediately tackled the Orca. They had a bunch of Scythes so I made the call to start chewing through them. It was about this time that Shadow Cartel decided to drop the both of us with their Prophecy gang (augmented with a trio of Guardians) and all hell pretty much broke lose from there.

The Severance fleet slugged it out for a bit, and managed to drop the Orca. I avoided calling any SC pilots primary, and they were kind to avoid killing Tso's guys for a bit, so at least we had that going for us.

I commanded the Tso's members to tackle "as much shit as you can that isn't SC" and chewed apart whatever hadn't warped off. As the stragglers were consumed, their fleet mates came back onto grid at range. I had our fleet rush out to scram whatever we could before they warped off again. It was at this point that I finally started calling the Guardians in the SC fleet primary, swapping from ship to ship, until they managed to slaughter all of us. I guess our ~200 combined DPS wasn't enough to break through their rep cycles quite enough.

Not bad.
All in all, it was a resounding success, and we killed much more that I though the fleet would be capable of. I was pretty disappointed that CCP fixed the corpse-spew that used to occur when a ship was killed that contained corpses. Every ship was loaded with a hundred or so corpses that dated back to the foundation of SMERG in 2007, and I expected them to launch into space in a glorious cloud of cadavers... but CCP must have changed that shit at some point. Lame.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Should Have Seen It Coming

So a little over a month ago our SH!T alliance started the move down here to Molden Heath after some small roams in the area had gotten us lots of 'gud' fights. Up until then guys would jump clone down from Gallante space to do OB ops or help out on the contracts GI4NT had undertaken when Negative Feedback asked "hai gais can we haz eve?".

Over the coarse of that first month we grew our family and started to settle into our new home...can't wait till the boxes are all unpacked...we had a few new pilots in fleets...a pile of districts and a fresh crop of Dust mercs to troll in alliance chat.

Dust made Eve content which made more Eve content?!?

During this time even with the retarded act of district locking (if you don't know what it is ;tldr = an ISK printing press with zero risk) being a 'thing' we were plenty busy pew pewing over NF vs AE fights, NF's PFC and regular contracts and covering the increase in alliance PC matches. 

Despite the ups and downs of NF logistics (hell we rage at our own guys when they fuck up their timers) in our time working together we remained patient and accommodating when mistakes happened (NF did have to coordinate with other Dust corps on their end after all) and scrambled fleets more than we should have to clean up other peoples messes...even dropping what we were doing to fly in for last second requests.

So what went wrong then?

Now while the casual removed party that takes the Dust lolforums at face value will no doubt buy into the meta as to why the 3XXXD/NF relationship fell apart I'm not one much for the 'he said, she said' route...the record could be easily set straight in a few minutes of copy/pasta but I'ld also rather not be 'that guy'. 

lolo said it best so I'll just leave it at this.

Family > all else...thats the take-away on our end boys and girls.

So...tables are flipped...AE/RA hires NF...someone decides that General Tso's Alliance is a notch above forever irrelevant (we maintain a difference of opinion on that)...our spreadsheet fills up with defends and we get to try our hand, as a very newly changed alliance, at fighting off 2/3rds of the highest concentration of Dust 'talent' left in the game. 

Dust side we had some successes and some losses, some disappointment and some valuable some lessons learned...all said and done we lost just under half of our pixel land holdings over the weekend...Friday being a rough night moral wise for the ground pounders...Saturday through to Monday saw our dusties pull up their big boy pants, get down to business and minimize losses...some solid defences and great matches were had by all. 

Feel free to scroll through @DUSTAlerts for district changes

Eve side...meh...we did alright I think.

So here we are...General Tso's Alliance is by no means 'the new kid on the block' (5 year anniversary just passed) but having district holdings is a new wrinkle on our saggy ass just as having a large portion of our Eve content being generated by a second rate F2P console shooter is now a 'thing'. 

We just got our first taste of minor war...some of our Dust troops have shaken off a bit of rust  after all the retarded district locking and some have learned a hard lesson on where they need to improve and grow within their own corp...our pilots were already prepared for the hellish schedule that comes from supporting a PC involved Dust group thanks to already working for those that attacked us...its almost like this was planned out or something O.o

Interesting times ahead I must say...NF has shown that they will do whatever puts the most ISK in their g-string (as mercs would)...3XXXD <3's 3XXXD before all else and a hell of a lot of other corps want to hop in the #ChickenShack because we somehow became the Cool Kids, or the alternative to the Cool Kids, I'm not sure which it is...either way we're here to stay so deal with it.

Spring is coming...try and stay dry.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Gospel of Eve, Pt. XII: Servi Rebellant!!!

Whenever you are lost in space, tired, damaged, alone, you can always take comfort to know that someone is watching you. It may not a physical entity, or a friendly pilot, but His eyes are watching you. But when you are down, broken, and all hope is lost, you can always count on one word of truth for guidance, slavation, hope: the Gospel of Eve.
Part XII: Servi Rebellant!!! (The Slaves are Revolting!!!)

This is the Gospel according to Servus RectAni...

First letter to Dominus RectAnus:

Master, forgive me. Our slaves have been lost. I take full responsibility for this failure and will apply lubricant in preparation of my punishment. I know I did not have permission to take your slaves but I wanted to do something special for the alliance. I was going to use all 502 of your slaves to construct a monument to commemorate the 5 years that General Tso's Alliance has been together.

But I knew I needed permission to build anything on behalf of the alliance. I went to find Burseg Sardaukar to ask for permission but found he was out on a roam. I decided to catch up with him, but once I did, I got caught in a titan bridge and myself in a low security system in Metropolis in the middle of a battle between an alliance industry fleet and a cruiser fleet.


I told the slaves to remain calm and keep up with repairing the Amistad and the other industrial ships in our fleet.

That would have been a glorious mining op...

They were not happy with my orders but they followed them for some time. We successful in keeping the fleet alive in several engagements. We even almost took down a carrier, my lord.

It wasn't until Shadow Cartel engaged our fleet that the situation took a turn for the worse. Prior to Shadow Cartel's involvement, morale was very high. But once I informed them of Shadow Cartel's engaging us, those cowards immediately became like children. In the midst of battle, the slaves saw an opportunity they could not pass up. Turning against me, they tried to take over the ships. I was left with no choice, master. I locked myself on the bridge, sent out a distress call, and set the self-destruct.


Shadow Cartel, who until this time has mostly ignored us, responded to my distress and opened fire on the ship.

I know you are probably very angry about the loss, but I also figured you would also rather see them as frozen corpses in space than see them free with their own ship. Unfortunately, the destruction did not kill all of the bastards. But I promise, my lord, that I will search the very corners of the universe to return the survivors to your servitude. Again, I am very sorry sir for my failure. All I ask is that you are gentle with me...

Forever your servant,

Servus RectAni 
Transcribed with anger-shaken hand by Lord SphinctAnus RectAnus


Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Either Die A Hero.. Or Live Long Enough to Become a F****t

For fuck's sake..

Forever Irrelevant

We are rounding out the first month in our new home (Molden Heath) and I must say, this is the best move we've ever done!

OB's win PVPIP.

We've had insanely good engagements from all of the locals. While we certainly don't have the skill or experience of the biggest corporation in the area, Calamitous-Intent [7-2], they still seem to enjoy engaging us, even when outnumbered. One of the problems with that reality is we have tons of guys clamoring to get on every single kill mail due to our PVPIP system. This results in one-sided fights getting to be even more so as guys dog pile into system; as evident in a specific engagement where our two Falcon pilots decloaked to whore on the mail of a 7-2 guys during one of our OB support ops above Planet Fight Club (Oddelulf III).

The Falcons were clearly the reason he died.
But yea... immediately after this engagement I couldn't shake the feeling that I've allowed us to become the pieces of shit I always hated that would never engage without multiple Falcons. I've even went on diatribes on this very blog complaining about how broken ECM is as a mechanic.

Now, granted - we are sitting, exposed, on a district beacon, visible to the whole system for around 30 minutes at a time, so there is plenty of time for scouts to get our fleet composition and muster the forces to take us. So having as force multiplayer on standby is good, but in this specific case it was definitely a douche move. Woops...

But 7-2 aren't the only hot-droppers around! I mentioned that we were tweeted about by CCP in my last post, well... we got an even BETTER engagement last night:

Salid posted it on Reddit. And Selina did on Kugu.
So yea... THAT happened.

Dust Hate Starting to Surface

Anyway, the other Dust/EVE hybrid Alliances have been a lot of fun. I especially love it when null Alliances that can't hack it in PC just claim they are waiting for Dust to move to nullsec before they invest any time in it... suuuuurrreeee.

Hmm.. reinvent PC to matter to EVE... like earning OBs EVE-side? Getting kill mails? Getting sweet fights?
I think there is something to be said for a group that is literally doing this for the fights and not for profit. Once things become unprofitable for the "better" entity that rolls in, they'll leave the mercs.. well.. in the Dust. Tso's is at least here for the fun of fights in space, not really for financial gains.

However, not all the guys in that thread are as [sexually?] frustrated as that last post. Literally one post above Soraya here is someone who hits the nail on the head:

HE is Spartacus!
But he's absolutely correct. I have absolutely no interest in moving again. If a better lowsec opportunity presents itself - who knows? But frankly, I've fallen in love with the blood-red nebulae and the shanty-esque stations. I can tell you I have 0 interest in going to nullsec... ever. Maybe on random OB support ops to shit nearby, but fuck gaining sov and that whole nightmare. I play for fun, not for stress, politics, and drama.

PC needs to add mechanics that involve more EVE integration, especially when initiating attacks or trading on the open market or manufacturing weapons. Otherwise it may just be us killing the EVE pilots of other Dust Alliances and then us getting hot dropped by a Bombers Bar variant or 7-2. But I have faith CCP will iterate and improve, as they have been since the launches of both Dust and EVE.

5 Years of Failure - Many More To Come!

General Tso's 5 year anniversary is almost upon us! Watch our killboard for what we do for it... although you should just stick to the "losses" page, tbh.

Best corp/Alliance ticker combo: [GI4NT]<3XXXD>


Our Blops rape made it onto TMC. We are still irrelevant, however.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear TSO's ... we are doing it right.

To All who read this. this is a obvious attempt to kiss all of your asses!

First lets Start at the Top!

              Burseg Sardaukar                                                                C00kie

 These wankers are able to herd the cats, half minds, and dim wits into cluster fuck fleets that have done some amazing things! SMERG and GIANT seems to be a great union <3XXXD>.  We are now in the best position to flex our muscle and show our "skills" in EVE and Dust 514.  The Orbital Bombardments have been going great, and the killboard is full of glorious death!  We seem to be more organized more than ever, because we are using all of the tools that we have had, keep recruiting, posting, making calenders, leading fleets, keep moving forward!!

Those in the positions of leadership are doing it right! Here are some toons that make shit happen... Brusanan, Voodoo, Gene, Arunis, Sops Sops, Jared, Draco, Tricanis, Selina, Oso, and killertojo. I know there is more, but I just can't think of you now. From your Venture Roams to the Drunk Roams, OB's and Fail attempts. Keep on, being on!

Let's not slow down this WAR MACHINE.