Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I've been hunting Ghost Sites like RectAnus hunts food!

When I roam I make a couple of recommendations, a cheap effective fit! Go into the site hoping to die! The average drop in the SITE is about:
1-15 Covert Data
1-35 Shattered Villard Wheels
1-2 BPC's
Approx. 50 Mil ISK

However you may only get a few cans so CARGO SCANNING all the cans to find the most valuable can is the best use of your time, prioritize and execute!

This may seem like a noob advice but, add the rats to your overview.....if you are in the middle of a hack finish the hack and jet can your goodies.  Bookmark it in your while in your pod and come back in a noob ship.

A "Cheap Fit":

T1 Explore Frig (Imicus/ Heron)
- 1MN Microwarpdrive (Burst from can to can)
- Data / Relic Analizer (Best Skills)
- Cargo Scanner
- Warp Stabs (for transiting your precious loot)

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