Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Either Die A Hero.. Or Live Long Enough to Become a F****t

For fuck's sake..

Forever Irrelevant

We are rounding out the first month in our new home (Molden Heath) and I must say, this is the best move we've ever done!

OB's win PVPIP.

We've had insanely good engagements from all of the locals. While we certainly don't have the skill or experience of the biggest corporation in the area, Calamitous-Intent [7-2], they still seem to enjoy engaging us, even when outnumbered. One of the problems with that reality is we have tons of guys clamoring to get on every single kill mail due to our PVPIP system. This results in one-sided fights getting to be even more so as guys dog pile into system; as evident in a specific engagement where our two Falcon pilots decloaked to whore on the mail of a 7-2 guys during one of our OB support ops above Planet Fight Club (Oddelulf III).

The Falcons were clearly the reason he died.
But yea... immediately after this engagement I couldn't shake the feeling that I've allowed us to become the pieces of shit I always hated that would never engage without multiple Falcons. I've even went on diatribes on this very blog complaining about how broken ECM is as a mechanic.

Now, granted - we are sitting, exposed, on a district beacon, visible to the whole system for around 30 minutes at a time, so there is plenty of time for scouts to get our fleet composition and muster the forces to take us. So having as force multiplayer on standby is good, but in this specific case it was definitely a douche move. Woops...

But 7-2 aren't the only hot-droppers around! I mentioned that we were tweeted about by CCP in my last post, well... we got an even BETTER engagement last night:

Salid posted it on Reddit. And Selina did on Kugu.
So yea... THAT happened.

Dust Hate Starting to Surface

Anyway, the other Dust/EVE hybrid Alliances have been a lot of fun. I especially love it when null Alliances that can't hack it in PC just claim they are waiting for Dust to move to nullsec before they invest any time in it... suuuuurrreeee.

Hmm.. reinvent PC to matter to EVE... like earning OBs EVE-side? Getting kill mails? Getting sweet fights?
I think there is something to be said for a group that is literally doing this for the fights and not for profit. Once things become unprofitable for the "better" entity that rolls in, they'll leave the mercs.. well.. in the Dust. Tso's is at least here for the fun of fights in space, not really for financial gains.

However, not all the guys in that thread are as [sexually?] frustrated as that last post. Literally one post above Soraya here is someone who hits the nail on the head:

HE is Spartacus!
But he's absolutely correct. I have absolutely no interest in moving again. If a better lowsec opportunity presents itself - who knows? But frankly, I've fallen in love with the blood-red nebulae and the shanty-esque stations. I can tell you I have 0 interest in going to nullsec... ever. Maybe on random OB support ops to shit nearby, but fuck gaining sov and that whole nightmare. I play for fun, not for stress, politics, and drama.

PC needs to add mechanics that involve more EVE integration, especially when initiating attacks or trading on the open market or manufacturing weapons. Otherwise it may just be us killing the EVE pilots of other Dust Alliances and then us getting hot dropped by a Bombers Bar variant or 7-2. But I have faith CCP will iterate and improve, as they have been since the launches of both Dust and EVE.

5 Years of Failure - Many More To Come!

General Tso's 5 year anniversary is almost upon us! Watch our killboard for what we do for it... although you should just stick to the "losses" page, tbh.

Best corp/Alliance ticker combo: [GI4NT]<3XXXD>


Our Blops rape made it onto TMC. We are still irrelevant, however.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear TSO's ... we are doing it right.

To All who read this. this is a obvious attempt to kiss all of your asses!

First lets Start at the Top!

              Burseg Sardaukar                                                                C00kie

 These wankers are able to herd the cats, half minds, and dim wits into cluster fuck fleets that have done some amazing things! SMERG and GIANT seems to be a great union <3XXXD>.  We are now in the best position to flex our muscle and show our "skills" in EVE and Dust 514.  The Orbital Bombardments have been going great, and the killboard is full of glorious death!  We seem to be more organized more than ever, because we are using all of the tools that we have had, keep recruiting, posting, making calenders, leading fleets, keep moving forward!!

Those in the positions of leadership are doing it right! Here are some toons that make shit happen... Brusanan, Voodoo, Gene, Arunis, Sops Sops, Jared, Draco, Tricanis, Selina, Oso, and killertojo. I know there is more, but I just can't think of you now. From your Venture Roams to the Drunk Roams, OB's and Fail attempts. Keep on, being on!

Let's not slow down this WAR MACHINE.  


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our First Two Weeks In Molden Heath

For fuck's sake...

I've been posting a bunch in this blog about Dust514, despite being terrible at it personally, and despite my Alliance having no real influence in the game. That has changed... well, the last part, I'm still terrible.

No caption necessary.

Up to Now

Over the past several months the boys in Tso's have been doing an absolute fuck ton of roams. We scheduled 3 weekly ops, one of which was a dedicated Assault Frigate fleet on Sundays (alternating armor/shield every other week), a Venture roam randomly through the week, and then a different style roam for the 3rd (Tristans, HACs, etc). Oh, and a 4th "roam" formed on Fridays, hosted by Gene and Jarod, accurately named the "Drunk Roam." I was never present for these, but they sounded amazing.

This was crazy fun, but Christmas break hit and all the high schools were let out, so there was a spike in Basgerin activity that resulted in us continuously being interrupted from our fun roams. We had to blob local with 25 Tso's & Friends to repair structures... which is actually more shitty than shooting structures, if you can fucking believe that.

Although, they are pretty close in suck level.
But we also had moved jump clones down to Molden Heath to support our first wave of new Dust guys (Generals, GI4NT, Ghosts of Dawn) who were subsequently followed by the second wave (DIOS EX. and S.e.V.e.N. [<-- annoying as fuck to type that corp name, btw]). We provided bombardments for the occasional match; Generals leading the way back into Planetary Conquest under the leadership of Oso Tibbs. While Tibbs is absolutely atrocious at EVE, he actually has his shit together on the ground... when not orbital bombarding himself. We also found that many-a-good-fight could be had down in MH. The Dust alliances were realizing that having an orbital every 3 minutes (including at the launch of the match) is quite advantageous.

But, back to Seyllin, we had a choice to make as an Alliance: Do we uproot and move to Molden Heath? This opened other questions: What about the shit tons of roams through Gallente/Caldari Faction Warfare space? What about the POCO's? What if our Dust guys can't get a foothold in Planetary Conquest?

Well, we decided to definitely move, consequences be damned! It was a gamble, but no one wanted to deal with structure defense any more than we wanted to structure grind. So we did the most logical thing and transferred ownership to Shadow Cartel. After all the times they killed us and hot dropped our enemies, it seemed like a nice home for them. I hear W0wbagger views them as his children, even! I think Kaphine took down his towers on his own, maybe he didn't, but fuck if I know.

No known treatment.

We'd start doing roams through the Planetary Conquest systems, looking for bombardment fleets to pick off and to start some shit with local pirates. And it wasn't long before we were being contracted daily to defend mercenary ringer matches on the ground from sky-borne strikes. Since they can't really offer much for EVE pilots, it is beneficial that we have hybrid corps that will accept Dust ISK as payment for services in the sky. I was just there for kill mails, of course.

Time To Show Our Strength

Around the 5th or so of February, we were informed that Public Disorder (one of the more elite Dust alliances) was going to put up resistance in space for one of our matches. So we mustered every swinging dick possible from Tso's and made a grand-ol' showing. Though outnumbered, the PD guys warped into our fleet and slugged out as much as they could, until they were jammed. Sorry about that... ECM is retarded, our bad.
On an unrelated note, griefwatch engagements are still shit.

When the engagement wrapped up, "gf"'s were typed, Selina said the typical "Join Tso's," but on this night, they actually took the offer into consideration. Very rapidly, C00KIE flexed his diplomat skills and worked out a deal with the STB (SVER True Blood) corp we fought in space: they would join Tso's, provided Molon Labe., Burgezz, and Fatal Absolution would all be allowed to come, too. A new dawn was upon General Tso's...

Dat baby bump.

With this many high-profile Dust corporations, we would have ample matches to defend in the sky, and might even be able to get our more carebeary types some POS fuel reduction and/or production time decreases by anchoring towers, more on that later... should anything come of it.

The Fallout

We have been running ops every single day, covering multiple districts at once, fighting off black ops hot drops, bringing in black ops hot drops, and gaining attention from CCP in the twitterverse, #tweetfleet #hashtag!!

I've also been in contact with Euro-based corps expressing interest in joining. I've been burned by a few selfish Dust corps in the past, and even now I'm dealing with the occasional Dust guy complaining about ridiculous things: "why don't EVE players pay me?" "you should enlist us into FW" "my 10 man corp wants a district, can the other corps protect it for me for free?" yada yada, but that will never change. I'll just push forward and consult the leaders of my Dust corps on what makes the most sense as far as accepting new corporations into General Tso's.

While things are still settling after our move down here, it has become quite apparent that we have the ability to become the most dominant EVE/Dust hybrid alliance in Molden Heath. I'm sure there are going to be many growing pains along the way, especially after such a rapid expansion. I foresee Dust alliances banding together in space to repel our incursion, which could make for a hard time ahead of us. Shadow Cartel is still only a cyno away, and Calamitous-Intent are the resident force to be reckoned with. The difference between MH and a shitty pair of dead lowsec in Gallente space, however, is there are far more targets to go around, and a lot of space for us to hunt through.

Here's to the new age of General Tso's!

Shot over.

Splash over.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dust514 and the Future of Planetary Conquest

For fuck's sake...

I've posted a few ideas in this blog on how Planetary Conquest (PC) could be handled. I actually like that some of the ideas I mentioned in my first blog on the subject became staples in the current PC version we "enjoy" today, and I sincerely hope that Dust will have a larger impact on how Planetary Interaction in EVE. But there is a stagnation in the existing PC system that needs work at the core, but overnight change to a perfect system is still a ways away. Changes will have to come in stages, of course, but there are a few things that can be done from the get-go to make a difference.

Clone Sales / District Maintenance Fee

Currently, a district produces passive ISK to the district holder by automatically selling surplus clones to Genolution corp. This needs to stop, immediately. It creates a passive ISK generation that benefits district owners and makes it economical to attack friendly districts to lock them from attack, while still creating net profit.

Clones should have to be sold from the existing pool on a district. Once a district reaches it cap, the clones should stop producing, and the only way make money from them is to expose the district to risk by selling part of the stock.

SMERG tends to land in the top left.

In addition, district ownership should have costs involved with sitting around on them. A district should have a flat cost of 1M ISK per day, which should escalate if the district is not producing clones. Sitting on a district filled with clones, not moving or selling them, will increase the fee to a point where it can reach a 5 million ISK cap (or so) for 5 consecutive days of inactivity.

These costs should immediately ramp up once a PVE system is implemented, making it so the current ISK generation of a production facility would break even with the costs of a district. More on this later.

Clone Purchasing

The next stage would come when a player market is finally created. The clone packs should be removed once the market is implemented, and the only place to purchase clones will come from current district holders. The holders will be able to sell their clones for whatever price they deem as fair to other players, who will then use them to attack districts. The free market will dictate the real value of clones.

To promote EVE-synergy, a mandatory attrition rate for clones purchased through the market and then transported by NPCs should be relatively high (~50%), as well as requiring a fee. If an attack is launched from a corporation using clones purchased on the market, an EVE player should be able to transport those clones from point of sale to the district with 0 attrition cost. The contract will be visible as a courier contract that will automatically complete by NPC the day of the match, but until that point an EVE player can transport the goods for his Dust players. When he arrives at the district beacon, he'll "open" the district satellite like a can and drop off the clones. This, of course, is a filler concept for something more involved, that could potentially include reinforcing an active battle by launching clone packs from orbit onto the ground or something equally bad ass.

You know... like something they keep showing in trailers.

Physical point of sale of the clones becomes a murky cloud since Dust characters are based out of systems across New Eden and are immovable. But I imagine this is a hurdle CCP is having to jump for the creation of the player market. I would say, however, that it is not unreasonable to automatically place the clones in the closest station-system to the District they were produced on and put on sale from.

Too hard to implement?

What Is The Incentive?

With all these costs, what then becomes the incentive to own a district? If I'm getting taxed so much, why would I want to own a district if there is no sweet NPC-generated faucet pouring down my fat gullet?

"My economic policy was inspired by Dust514 Planetary Conquest." - Anonymous Former Fed Chairman
Here's a shocker: You should have to work to make money. 

This requires the most effort from CCP, of course. They have to complete their idea from Fanfest 2013 by implementing PVE on the districts, where the owners will be able to log into their district and fight off rogue drone hordes in exchange for construction materials (NOT ISK). These materials will come in the form of salvage at the end of the match which are then sold to EVE players where they are the building blocks for weaponry/tanks/dropsuits, which would then be sold back to Dust mercs on the free market.

As a benefit for using the district, clone generation during that time should double, giving an active corp more avenues for profit. Clones lost during the actual PVE-ing should be removed from the district's pool, allowing for griefers to join PVE matches and potentially clean out a district by dying ~300 times and/or team killing.

While PVE content itself will require a lot of planning to make it engaging and fun, the basic rules for match generation/behavior should be: 
  1. A match can be initiated by anyone with the squad leader role. 
  2. Only one match can be active at a time. 
  3. Its difficulty/size should scale, allowing it to be content for one member to a full team.
  4. It should be dynamic, so people can come and go as they please. This would allow for maximum participation within a corp, and maximum activity on the district, but restrict access enough that large corporations will require multiple districts if they want PVE for all their players.
  5. Records should be kept in a corp log as to who uses it the most, gains the most salvage, dies the most, etc.
  6. No PVE should be permitted during the reinforcement window. This makes the window both a blessing and a curse for the owner, since they won't be able to use their district during their prime time UNLESS it is under attack.
  7. District locked status should have no effect on PVE.
  8. If all the clones of a district are lost during PVE, the district is lost. Be careful who you give roles to, idiot.


The current situation in PC is what CCP worked so hard to get rid of in null with the removal of the Technetium bottleneck. Profit should be based off of activity and risk vs reward, not passive generation. The latter leads to the rich getting more rich to buy/secure things that get them more rich so they can buy/secure more things so on to infinity. Sounds a lot like crony Capitalism where the passive generation represents corrupt politicians and those getting fat are too big to fail. And we know how that shit ends.