Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear TSO's ... we are doing it right.

To All who read this. this is a obvious attempt to kiss all of your asses!

First lets Start at the Top!

              Burseg Sardaukar                                                                C00kie

 These wankers are able to herd the cats, half minds, and dim wits into cluster fuck fleets that have done some amazing things! SMERG and GIANT seems to be a great union <3XXXD>.  We are now in the best position to flex our muscle and show our "skills" in EVE and Dust 514.  The Orbital Bombardments have been going great, and the killboard is full of glorious death!  We seem to be more organized more than ever, because we are using all of the tools that we have had, keep recruiting, posting, making calenders, leading fleets, keep moving forward!!

Those in the positions of leadership are doing it right! Here are some toons that make shit happen... Brusanan, Voodoo, Gene, Arunis, Sops Sops, Jared, Draco, Tricanis, Selina, Oso, and killertojo. I know there is more, but I just can't think of you now. From your Venture Roams to the Drunk Roams, OB's and Fail attempts. Keep on, being on!

Let's not slow down this WAR MACHINE.  


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