Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our First Two Weeks In Molden Heath

For fuck's sake...

I've been posting a bunch in this blog about Dust514, despite being terrible at it personally, and despite my Alliance having no real influence in the game. That has changed... well, the last part, I'm still terrible.

No caption necessary.

Up to Now

Over the past several months the boys in Tso's have been doing an absolute fuck ton of roams. We scheduled 3 weekly ops, one of which was a dedicated Assault Frigate fleet on Sundays (alternating armor/shield every other week), a Venture roam randomly through the week, and then a different style roam for the 3rd (Tristans, HACs, etc). Oh, and a 4th "roam" formed on Fridays, hosted by Gene and Jarod, accurately named the "Drunk Roam." I was never present for these, but they sounded amazing.

This was crazy fun, but Christmas break hit and all the high schools were let out, so there was a spike in Basgerin activity that resulted in us continuously being interrupted from our fun roams. We had to blob local with 25 Tso's & Friends to repair structures... which is actually more shitty than shooting structures, if you can fucking believe that.

Although, they are pretty close in suck level.
But we also had moved jump clones down to Molden Heath to support our first wave of new Dust guys (Generals, GI4NT, Ghosts of Dawn) who were subsequently followed by the second wave (DIOS EX. and S.e.V.e.N. [<-- annoying as fuck to type that corp name, btw]). We provided bombardments for the occasional match; Generals leading the way back into Planetary Conquest under the leadership of Oso Tibbs. While Tibbs is absolutely atrocious at EVE, he actually has his shit together on the ground... when not orbital bombarding himself. We also found that many-a-good-fight could be had down in MH. The Dust alliances were realizing that having an orbital every 3 minutes (including at the launch of the match) is quite advantageous.

But, back to Seyllin, we had a choice to make as an Alliance: Do we uproot and move to Molden Heath? This opened other questions: What about the shit tons of roams through Gallente/Caldari Faction Warfare space? What about the POCO's? What if our Dust guys can't get a foothold in Planetary Conquest?

Well, we decided to definitely move, consequences be damned! It was a gamble, but no one wanted to deal with structure defense any more than we wanted to structure grind. So we did the most logical thing and transferred ownership to Shadow Cartel. After all the times they killed us and hot dropped our enemies, it seemed like a nice home for them. I hear W0wbagger views them as his children, even! I think Kaphine took down his towers on his own, maybe he didn't, but fuck if I know.

No known treatment.

We'd start doing roams through the Planetary Conquest systems, looking for bombardment fleets to pick off and to start some shit with local pirates. And it wasn't long before we were being contracted daily to defend mercenary ringer matches on the ground from sky-borne strikes. Since they can't really offer much for EVE pilots, it is beneficial that we have hybrid corps that will accept Dust ISK as payment for services in the sky. I was just there for kill mails, of course.

Time To Show Our Strength

Around the 5th or so of February, we were informed that Public Disorder (one of the more elite Dust alliances) was going to put up resistance in space for one of our matches. So we mustered every swinging dick possible from Tso's and made a grand-ol' showing. Though outnumbered, the PD guys warped into our fleet and slugged out as much as they could, until they were jammed. Sorry about that... ECM is retarded, our bad.
On an unrelated note, griefwatch engagements are still shit.

When the engagement wrapped up, "gf"'s were typed, Selina said the typical "Join Tso's," but on this night, they actually took the offer into consideration. Very rapidly, C00KIE flexed his diplomat skills and worked out a deal with the STB (SVER True Blood) corp we fought in space: they would join Tso's, provided Molon Labe., Burgezz, and Fatal Absolution would all be allowed to come, too. A new dawn was upon General Tso's...

Dat baby bump.

With this many high-profile Dust corporations, we would have ample matches to defend in the sky, and might even be able to get our more carebeary types some POS fuel reduction and/or production time decreases by anchoring towers, more on that later... should anything come of it.

The Fallout

We have been running ops every single day, covering multiple districts at once, fighting off black ops hot drops, bringing in black ops hot drops, and gaining attention from CCP in the twitterverse, #tweetfleet #hashtag!!

I've also been in contact with Euro-based corps expressing interest in joining. I've been burned by a few selfish Dust corps in the past, and even now I'm dealing with the occasional Dust guy complaining about ridiculous things: "why don't EVE players pay me?" "you should enlist us into FW" "my 10 man corp wants a district, can the other corps protect it for me for free?" yada yada, but that will never change. I'll just push forward and consult the leaders of my Dust corps on what makes the most sense as far as accepting new corporations into General Tso's.

While things are still settling after our move down here, it has become quite apparent that we have the ability to become the most dominant EVE/Dust hybrid alliance in Molden Heath. I'm sure there are going to be many growing pains along the way, especially after such a rapid expansion. I foresee Dust alliances banding together in space to repel our incursion, which could make for a hard time ahead of us. Shadow Cartel is still only a cyno away, and Calamitous-Intent are the resident force to be reckoned with. The difference between MH and a shitty pair of dead lowsec in Gallente space, however, is there are far more targets to go around, and a lot of space for us to hunt through.

Here's to the new age of General Tso's!

Shot over.

Splash over.

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  1. What a shitty blog post! Lots of informative information that I didn't know about because I don't pay attention to anyone. The twitter thing is awesome, we're space famous!

    ~Cowboy Nuggets~