Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Either Die A Hero.. Or Live Long Enough to Become a F****t

For fuck's sake..

Forever Irrelevant

We are rounding out the first month in our new home (Molden Heath) and I must say, this is the best move we've ever done!

OB's win PVPIP.

We've had insanely good engagements from all of the locals. While we certainly don't have the skill or experience of the biggest corporation in the area, Calamitous-Intent [7-2], they still seem to enjoy engaging us, even when outnumbered. One of the problems with that reality is we have tons of guys clamoring to get on every single kill mail due to our PVPIP system. This results in one-sided fights getting to be even more so as guys dog pile into system; as evident in a specific engagement where our two Falcon pilots decloaked to whore on the mail of a 7-2 guys during one of our OB support ops above Planet Fight Club (Oddelulf III).

The Falcons were clearly the reason he died.
But yea... immediately after this engagement I couldn't shake the feeling that I've allowed us to become the pieces of shit I always hated that would never engage without multiple Falcons. I've even went on diatribes on this very blog complaining about how broken ECM is as a mechanic.

Now, granted - we are sitting, exposed, on a district beacon, visible to the whole system for around 30 minutes at a time, so there is plenty of time for scouts to get our fleet composition and muster the forces to take us. So having as force multiplayer on standby is good, but in this specific case it was definitely a douche move. Woops...

But 7-2 aren't the only hot-droppers around! I mentioned that we were tweeted about by CCP in my last post, well... we got an even BETTER engagement last night:

Salid posted it on Reddit. And Selina did on Kugu.
So yea... THAT happened.

Dust Hate Starting to Surface

Anyway, the other Dust/EVE hybrid Alliances have been a lot of fun. I especially love it when null Alliances that can't hack it in PC just claim they are waiting for Dust to move to nullsec before they invest any time in it... suuuuurrreeee.

Hmm.. reinvent PC to matter to EVE... like earning OBs EVE-side? Getting kill mails? Getting sweet fights?
I think there is something to be said for a group that is literally doing this for the fights and not for profit. Once things become unprofitable for the "better" entity that rolls in, they'll leave the mercs.. well.. in the Dust. Tso's is at least here for the fun of fights in space, not really for financial gains.

However, not all the guys in that thread are as [sexually?] frustrated as that last post. Literally one post above Soraya here is someone who hits the nail on the head:

HE is Spartacus!
But he's absolutely correct. I have absolutely no interest in moving again. If a better lowsec opportunity presents itself - who knows? But frankly, I've fallen in love with the blood-red nebulae and the shanty-esque stations. I can tell you I have 0 interest in going to nullsec... ever. Maybe on random OB support ops to shit nearby, but fuck gaining sov and that whole nightmare. I play for fun, not for stress, politics, and drama.

PC needs to add mechanics that involve more EVE integration, especially when initiating attacks or trading on the open market or manufacturing weapons. Otherwise it may just be us killing the EVE pilots of other Dust Alliances and then us getting hot dropped by a Bombers Bar variant or 7-2. But I have faith CCP will iterate and improve, as they have been since the launches of both Dust and EVE.

5 Years of Failure - Many More To Come!

General Tso's 5 year anniversary is almost upon us! Watch our killboard for what we do for it... although you should just stick to the "losses" page, tbh.

Best corp/Alliance ticker combo: [GI4NT]<3XXXD>


Our Blops rape made it onto TMC. We are still irrelevant, however.

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