Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Should Have Seen It Coming

So a little over a month ago our SH!T alliance started the move down here to Molden Heath after some small roams in the area had gotten us lots of 'gud' fights. Up until then guys would jump clone down from Gallante space to do OB ops or help out on the contracts GI4NT had undertaken when Negative Feedback asked "hai gais can we haz eve?".

Over the coarse of that first month we grew our family and started to settle into our new home...can't wait till the boxes are all unpacked...we had a few new pilots in fleets...a pile of districts and a fresh crop of Dust mercs to troll in alliance chat.

Dust made Eve content which made more Eve content?!?

During this time even with the retarded act of district locking (if you don't know what it is ;tldr = an ISK printing press with zero risk) being a 'thing' we were plenty busy pew pewing over NF vs AE fights, NF's PFC and regular contracts and covering the increase in alliance PC matches. 

Despite the ups and downs of NF logistics (hell we rage at our own guys when they fuck up their timers) in our time working together we remained patient and accommodating when mistakes happened (NF did have to coordinate with other Dust corps on their end after all) and scrambled fleets more than we should have to clean up other peoples messes...even dropping what we were doing to fly in for last second requests.

So what went wrong then?

Now while the casual removed party that takes the Dust lolforums at face value will no doubt buy into the meta as to why the 3XXXD/NF relationship fell apart I'm not one much for the 'he said, she said' route...the record could be easily set straight in a few minutes of copy/pasta but I'ld also rather not be 'that guy'. 

lolo said it best so I'll just leave it at this.

Family > all else...thats the take-away on our end boys and girls.

So...tables are flipped...AE/RA hires NF...someone decides that General Tso's Alliance is a notch above forever irrelevant (we maintain a difference of opinion on that)...our spreadsheet fills up with defends and we get to try our hand, as a very newly changed alliance, at fighting off 2/3rds of the highest concentration of Dust 'talent' left in the game. 

Dust side we had some successes and some losses, some disappointment and some valuable some lessons learned...all said and done we lost just under half of our pixel land holdings over the weekend...Friday being a rough night moral wise for the ground pounders...Saturday through to Monday saw our dusties pull up their big boy pants, get down to business and minimize losses...some solid defences and great matches were had by all. 

Feel free to scroll through @DUSTAlerts for district changes

Eve side...meh...we did alright I think.

So here we are...General Tso's Alliance is by no means 'the new kid on the block' (5 year anniversary just passed) but having district holdings is a new wrinkle on our saggy ass just as having a large portion of our Eve content being generated by a second rate F2P console shooter is now a 'thing'. 

We just got our first taste of minor war...some of our Dust troops have shaken off a bit of rust  after all the retarded district locking and some have learned a hard lesson on where they need to improve and grow within their own corp...our pilots were already prepared for the hellish schedule that comes from supporting a PC involved Dust group thanks to already working for those that attacked us...its almost like this was planned out or something O.o

Interesting times ahead I must say...NF has shown that they will do whatever puts the most ISK in their g-string (as mercs would)...3XXXD <3's 3XXXD before all else and a hell of a lot of other corps want to hop in the #ChickenShack because we somehow became the Cool Kids, or the alternative to the Cool Kids, I'm not sure which it is...either way we're here to stay so deal with it.

Spring is coming...try and stay dry.


  1. Video at the end made this blog 100x better.

    1. The GI4NT one at the end of it seemed appropriate.