Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bread Crumbs

It's hard to ignore the facts when they are staring at you in the face.
Let's start at the beginning a few expansions ago and major fixes and also think about CCP Seagulls Vision.

This picture/ graphic says it all! The next expansions are coming and what they are doing!

I watched the Prophecy trailer and I thought that was cool. There are very unique things that happen that you don't realize that they happen.

An exploding star behind a station  looks neat, but when are stars distructable?

Constructing a THE GATE with an EMP radius..not a jump gate ..a different kind of gate..once the gate is turn on, it stayed on fulfilling a prophecy.  One activated the gate kills all of the creators or ships on field.  This gate was also in the Rubicon trailer in the Ghost site.

Troop transports..in space flying in the fleet and landing onboard spacecraft, or the gate.  For control?
In the 2014 Fanfest Keynote they show the space elevator again..dicks.

Overall this is just speculation and half educated guesses about the future of EVE... But it's hard to not hope for some of these futures.


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