Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dust514 -> EVE: Legion

For fuck's sake...

CCP announced at fanfest last week that Dust514 on the PS3 will be evolving into a PC-based shooter currently named Project Legion.

The Fallout

This has, predictably, ruffled some feathers, but CCP has clarified the following:

These facts alleviate any stress I had over the situation, but people are still raging/quitting/biomassing.

There are a few legitimate complaints that I can understand:

  • CCP used the "Dust Keynote" to announced Legion, and had NO news as to what was being worked on for Dust514. I really wish I knew what the future of PC was and seriously hope that massive ISK printing press isn't being transferred to Legion in its current form.
  • The console porting of Legion is being seen as an afterthought, not a high priority. Not a concern of mine, but definitely for those that already own next-gen systems.
  • Dust514 for the PS3 will almost certainly be terminated once Legion is launched, so players that have no interest in moving across to PC or another console will have no future. Although, their options for new games is already dropping off considerably. I think the new Borderlands will be pretty sweet, but don't know what else they'd have beyond that...
  • Dust514 players were encouraged to buy tickets to fanfest only to see 0 news about the current game they already own and play. This really upset me, especially after that one emotional (but not true?) post on the forums.

Now, to cover the "illegitimate" (IMO) complaints:
CCP scammed us all with AUR (even up to a week before fanfest)!
You paid money for an experience, you received and experience. If you paid $ for AUR and received nothing, that's a scam, there's a big difference.

We only paid into the game b/c CCP said it had a 10 year road map!
And I paid $60 for Duke Nukem Forever, remembering how awesome the multiplayer was on N64 when I was growing up. Saying you deserve money back because a game isn't everything you dreamed it to be, or making an investment with hopes of always positive returns isn't how reality works. Some investments don't pan out. However, in this case, an investment IS going forward - just to another, more capable platform.

Just wait for the Star Citizen rage. I'm semi-chubbed thinking about that ocean of tears on the horizon.

The CPM KNEW! And should have told us, resigned, blew up CCP headquarters, etc. etc.
They are under NDA. That has real life legal ramifications if it is violated. Resigning wouldn't solve anything as they are the mouthpiece of the player base and, without them, CCP would just implement way dumber stuff and we'd be 100x more pissed off. Don't blame the CPM for CCP's announcement timeline. Blame them for using inside information and profiting from it...

A gaming PC is more expensive than a console.
CCP has said that they want the game's graphics to scale, so a top-end machine isn't necessary, and upgrading the machine is at least possible, unlike with consoles.

I game in a living room on a couch, not at a desk.
This is ridiculous, but should be addressed, I suppose. You can easily get a slimmed down computer (like those little Intel boxes CCP showed off @ the keynote) and plug that into the HDMI on a TV and get the same exact experience.

I don't want to buy a PC.
Seriously... who the fuck doesn't own a PC already? What is this 1995? I know I'm biased here, but seriously... wtf. There's really no way to address this, because some people just refuse to get with the program. I guess in one way this makes its a legitimate concern, but its face-palm inducing. It's usually from the crowd that would happily dump another $600 into a next-gen console only to have it be dumpster worthy in a few years.

NEW: H4X0Rz Issues With PC
I honestly think this will be a short-lived problem. The places where it will matter the most will be high-level competition game modes (PC/Tourneys), and players in those modes will need to be heavily invested (time-wise through SP accrual) and perma-banning those accounts will knock out months, if not years, of hard work. CCP could easily roll back the results of a PC match if any participant was cheating.

In pubs, it will matter much less, but still irritate players. This is where CCP needs to find a good balance in match making. Only an especially damaged, minuscule minority are going to want to keep scrapping SP accrual over and over just to stomp noobs in extended-academy matches. And that's coming from me, the guy that spent a disgusting amount of time suicide ganking miners during Hulkageddons.

I seriously don't see there being a problem in this department.

My Take

I sent a letter to my Alliance in an attempt to talk some reason into those that were on the ledge, but I'm certain there were those that tend to follow through with knee-jerk reactions and are already biomassed. Those people tend to overreact at dirty glances and end up in prison for assault, so I suppose they won't be in the community for too long anyway. I haven't received any notifications from within my corp of biomassing, however, so that's a good sign. A harder number to calculate would be those that just uninstalled the game and didn't even have the patience to sit through the biomass count down and will never be heard from again. The only way to track that would be to keep an eye on eve-offline http://eve-offline.net/?server=dust. As of this post, it finally appears that there is a dip in logged-in mercs, but its too soon to call it. I know I'll be doing a Dust night tonight, though.

Time will tell how this pans out with the community, but I know almost all of the hybrid EVE/Dust guys in my Alliance are super pumped for Legion, especially me. Now to see what new blood I can rope into the New Eden universe from RL!

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